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Bhutan Agriculture – NASA DEVELOP Fall 2013 @ ICIMOD/MSFC

>>Prabesh Sherestha: Hello, I’m Prabesh.
I am a Geomatics Engineering Student at the Kathmandu University and I’m the team lead
for the DEVELOP Program here at ICIMOD.>>Binyak Tiwari: Hello, I am Binyak Tiwari
Geomatics and Communications graduate Kathmandu University, Nepal.>>Tenzin: Hello everyone, I am Tenzin from
Shrebtse College and I’m doing Geography Honors at Shrebtse College itself.>>Sabitra Basnet: Hello everyone, I am Sabitra
Basnet, I did my three-years degree in economics and geography and currently I am doing geography
honors.>>Kezang Gaden: I’m Kezang Gaden and I am
also one of the interns from Bhutan. I am currently pursuing the Geography Honors at
Shrebtse College.>>Namgay Dorji: I am Namgay Dorji, currently
taking the Honors in Geography and we are under the NASA DEVELOP Program.>>[Music]>>Namgay: The topic of our research is the
chanllenges that the farmers are facing in practicing agriculture.>>Tenzin: Methods in which we will be using
is primary data collection through questionnairies and interviews.>>[Bhutanese speaking] We don’t get enough labor
these days, and even if we do a small cultivation firstly, irrigation is a problem and later the crops are
shared by wild pigs and other animals>>[Music]>>[Nepalese Speaking] Houses nearby the fields
throw garbage, broken glass, plastic, etc. on the field and it is difficult to work under
the circumstances>>[Music]>>[Bhutanese Speaking] Oh my god, climate
affects our crops. The storm has destroyed our maize and rice some days ago. Even mangoes
have started to come up here, this big in size, it is a sign of climate change>>[Bhutanese speaking] and also excessive
water and storm damages our paddy field at times>>[Bhutanese speaking] Before, the river
use to go from there and here is use to be our paddy field almost two acres. However,
the river has eroded almost half an acre of our land.>>[Music]>>[Bhutanese speaking] My land is one the
steeper slopes, power tillers cannot be used. So, the only way is to use either labor or
oxen to work on those lands.>>[Bhutanese speaking] When the maize is
cultivated the soil covers the siblings because of the steep slopes, we don’t use machines
to plough so the oxen takes three to four days, where it can be done
within one to two days>>[Bhutanese speaking] Inadequate irrigation
during paddy cultivation is a major challenge here this is because of the water scarcity
and the steep terrain.>>Kel Markert: Satellite imagery and digital
elevation models from Terra’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer and Advance Spaceborne
Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer are used to assist in understanding environmental
parameters and effects that are contributing to agricultural loss in Bhutan.>>DEVELOP Closing.

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