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Biggest Chicken – Farming with Chickens South Africa

well the biggest chicken I could find on
the internet was twenty-two pounds or 10.8 kilograms and I got three very
large chickens so I want to compare them and see how far I am from those white
just mentioned well these are the four largest chickens I have these white ones
or the Ross broiler and there are meat chickens
so I’m gonna put them on the scale and see what their way well firstly I got
the cook well the average of the four chickens
were 6.7 the biggest 16.8 kilogram I’m really pleased with it that’s a lot of
meat and unfortunately I’m so full kilograms away from the world record I
got the pole I’m gonna try my best and I will give you guys an update in a
month’s time you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and hit that like
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