Biggest wholesale clothes market-it’s Fabric lovers Heaven & Designers Hub-Mangaldas market Mumbai


  1. Pastel creativity

    Your vlogs are always useful … Best best on Mamgaldas video. Very informative, interactive, useful for the person who is visiting for the 1st time. The best thing that you have provided online shopping shop details and other shops. Truly mesmerising materials with reasonable prices.

  2. Angad Lonkar

    डिप्रेशन बाॅक्स नाहीमला तुमचा डिटेल मे नंबर द्या

  3. Reena Mistry

    Very informative vlog… i am looking for good linen and chikan work materials and goos quality cotton material for wester dresses. Do you think i can get these in Mangaldas market???

  4. Sonal M

    Thanks for uploading videos i want to try in wholesale business but never new i should go to place like that but seeing you go i am gonna go all the place


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