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Billionaires Freak Out About Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders: A Closer Look

-Billionaire Mike Bloomberg
is apparently close to joining the Democratic primary
as Wall Street panics about the current
crop of candidates. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ It’s hard to keep track
of all the corruption swirling around President Trump. But on top of the impeachment
inquiry and everything else, there was also
this little item last week that went largely unnoticed — A judge ordered the president
of the United States to pay $2 million
for misusing funds from his charity
for ridiculous purchases. -A New York judge ordering
President Trump to pay $2 million for misusing Trump Foundation
charitable funds. The president had vowed
never to settle the lawsuit. The New York State
Attorney General alleged the president
used the charity’s money to help his 2016 campaign
pay business debts, even to by buy
a painting of himself. -That’s right.
Trump used charity money to buy a painting of himself,
and this is the painting. [ Laughter ] Look at that. It looks like they hired
Jackson Pollock to do a courtroom sketch. Almost as shocking
as the settlement itself was the fact that Trump
admitted wrongdoing. As part of the settlement,
Trump acknowledged in a court filing that he had
failed to follow basic laws about how charities
should be governed. In a statement
signed by Trump’s attorney, the president admitted to poor
oversight of the charity. And you know it must be bad because Trump never apologizes
for anything. If he backed into your car
in the parking lot, he would leave a note
on the windshield that said, “I won’t pay for repairs, but here’s a wallet-sized
portrait of me.” Signed, “Donald Trump.
I did nothing wrong.” Now, if you’re
a Democratic primary voter, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been watching
the rampant corruption of the Trump presidency, the catastrophic failure
of the Trump administration, and the destructive influence the wealthy have had
on politics. And you’re saying to yourself,
“You know what can fix this? A different rich guy.” Because if we’ve learned
one thing from the past decade of politics from the financial
crisis to the Trump presidency, it’s that rich people
with zero exceptions know what they’re doing. That’s why they always do
smart, sane things like leaving all their money
to their cats or going on a podcast
and smoking weed like Elon Musk. That’s the CEO of
a multibillion-dollar company, and he looks like a 10th grader
at a sleepover. [ Laughter ] [ Stoned voice ]
Welcome to the board meeting. First over of business.
We’re going to build a rocket… [ Laughter ] …to White Castle. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Normal voice ]
If you’ve been waiting for a billionaire alternative,
your prayers have been answered because a billionaire
is reportedly close to entering the race —
a billionaire so charming and charismatic,
whose Spanish is so perfect, no one will be able
to resist him. -Breaking news tonight.
The bombshell just dropping in the 2020 race —
Michael Bloomberg on the brink of entering the Democratic
primary battle. -A spokesperson says Bloomberg
is worried the current crop
of Democratic candidates may not be able to defeat
President Trump. But a recent poll also shows
that if Bloomberg were to enter the race, only 6 percent
of Democratic primary voters say they’d definitely
vote for him. -Bloomberg was the Republican
mayor of New York City. Now he’s running as a Democrat.
How does he fit in? -Well, he’d run as a moderate. And he would run on his record
as mayor. -While in office, he had
a tendency to read statements at the end of his press
conferences in Español. -[ Speaking Spanish ]-iAy, caramba!Miguel Bloomberg esta
running for presidente!iAy, dios mío![ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] That’s right.
Michael Bloomberg is reportedly close to jumping into
the Democratic primary. You know, the guy who
used to be a Democrat, then switched to Republican
to run for mayor, then switched to Independent
after he became mayor, then went back to
being a Democrat. I mean, that’s how my mom
orders at a restaurant. I’ll have the fish —
No, the chicken. You know what? Just do me last.
Do me last. In reality, the vast majority
of Democratic primary voters are saying in polls
that they’re actually satisfied with the choices
they already have. In fact, there’s already
another billionaire in the race, Tom Steyer. Remember him? The guy who looks like
even he’s surprised he’s running for president?
[ Laughter ] He looks like a middle-aged dad who found his kid’s acid
and accidentally ate it. [ Laughter ] I cannot see my hands. And that wolf is talking to me. [ Laughter ] And just…
[ Applause ] Just to give you an idea of how
uninterested Democrats are in having another
billionaire president, Steyer has remained mired in the
low single digits in the polls despite the fact that he spent
$47 million during the first three months
of his presidential bid — $47 million! Instead of running for
president, he could have funded
grassroots organizing or just offered that same money
to Donald Trump to quit. [ Laughter ]
You know Trump would take it. If Trump knew someone would
be willing to pay him to resign, he would probably start airing
infomercials with the hotline,
“1-800-1-MAKE-ME-AN-OFFER.” [ As Trump ] Call now
and you can pay me to shut up. And if the price is right, I’ll throw in a second
even dumber Donald Trump. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] So there just
doesn’t seem to be an appetite right now for another
billionaire president to swoop in and save us from the
current Democratic candidates. People want to
change the system, but it’s hard to convince
someone that a system broken when that system gave them
billions of dollars. Remember the futile campaign of Starbucks founder
Howard Schultz? He couldn’t even announce
his candidacy without getting yelled at. -Former Starbucks CEO
Howard Schultz got an earful from a protestor at
a New York City book signing Monday night after Schultz said he is seriously considering
a possible Independent run for the White House.
-I am seriously considering running for President
as a centrist Independent. And I wanted to clarify the word
“Independent,” which I view merely as
a designation on the ballot. -Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical
billionaire [bleep] -That’s what you get for announcing your campaign
in New York City. [ New York accent ]
Hey, Schultz, how about you take one of those cake pops
and stick it up your a– Let’s go, Mets! [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] Now billionaires… Billionaires are apparently
worried about the leftward tilt
of the current primary, and in particular,
the candidacies of Elizabeth Warren
and Bernie Sanders. In fact, it was reported
Bloomberg had been coaxed by another even wealthier
billionaire. Vox reported that Jeff Bezos
asked Michael Bloomberg months ago if he’d consider
running for president. Wow! He just ordered up
a presidential candidate. What level of Amazon Prime
is that? [ Laughter ] Bloomberg’s interest in running
and Bezos’ prodding come after weeks
of billionaire freakouts over the possibility that
someone who’s critical of big banks and Wall Street,
like Warren or Bernie, could get the Democratic
nomination. In fact, last week, even
Bill Gates expressed concern about how much he personally
would have to pay in taxes and joked that he might not
have that much left over. -You know, I’ve paid over
$10 billion in taxes. I paid more than anyone
in taxes. But I’m glad to have pa–
You know, if I had to pay $20 billion,
that’s fine. But, you know, when you say
I should pay $100 billion, okay, then I’m starting
to do a little math about what I have left over. Sorry, I’m just kidding. -First of all,
I think you got your math wrong which makes sense because
you probably used Excel. Secondly, we know you’re kidding because you have incredible
comic delivery and because you’re worth
over $100 billion. If Elizabeth Warren
got elected president, no one thinks Bill Gates
would be doing math on the back of a napkin
at his kitchen table, “Let’s see, $6 billion
in wealth taxes another $10 billion
in income taxes. Oh, that leaves me
with $90 bil– That’s barely enough
to survive!” I’m already cutting my own hair! [ Laughter ] Besides, even if Gates
did run out of money, we know he would have
a successful career as a dancer, as we learned from
a press conference announcing the launch
of Windows 95. [ Cheers and applause ] It looks like your accountant’s
Christmas party after someone spikes the punch. That’s the bar mitzvah
where the dads are trying to get the kids on the dance floor,
“Come on, guys! We’re doing the Macarena!” [ Claps ] Now, obviously Gates’
$100 billion tax estimate was ridiculous. In fact, to help him calculate
how much he’d owe in taxes under her presidency,
Warren added a calculator for the billionaires to her
website with two custom links that say, “If you’re
Michael Bloomberg, click here. And if you’re Bill Gates,
you can click here.” Damn, she used the Internet
against Bill Gates. Next, she’s gonna get Clippy
to endorse her. [ Laughter ] And Bill Gates isn’t
the only billionaire freaking out about
Warren’s candidacy. Last week, JPMorgan Chase CEO
Jamie Dimon criticized Warren for vilifying rich people. -She uses some pretty harsh
words, some would say vilifies
successful people. I don’t like vilifying anybody. I think we should applaud
successful people. -You have a billion dollars,
and you also want applause? I thought the whole point
of being rich was not having to care
what people think of you. That’s why they call it
“[Bleep] you” money, not “[Bleep] you,
now give me a hug” money. [ Laughter ] Dimon was also on “60 Minutes”
on Sunday. Dimon was asked about his salary
last year, which came out to $31 million. He was also pressed on
whether he took any responsibility at all for JPMorgan’s role
in the financial crisis, which, of course,
is one of the major reasons voters are so angry
at Wall Street. And he changed his answer
within seconds. -Do you take any responsibility
for the financial crisis in 2008?
-No. -But your bank sold
those same kind of mortgages. -We — Yeah. I do take some. -He’s dancing around that
question like Bill Gates in ’95. [ Laughter ] People aren’t just mad
at billionaires out of jealousy or because candidates demonize
them. There are real world examples that are informing
people’s doubts that the wealthy can solve
everything. Just take Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook recently announced that it won’t fact-check
political ads. And Zuckerberg was grilled by Congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about that decision recently,
he had no answers. -You announced recently that
the official policy of Facebook now allows politicians to pay to
spread disinformation in 2020 elections
and in the future. So I just want to know
how far I can push this. Would I be able to run
advertisements on Facebook targeting Republicans
in primaries saying that they voted
for the Green New Deal? I mean,
if you’re not fact-checking political advertisements,
I’m just trying to understand the bounds here,
what’s fair game. -Congresswoman, I, uh — I don’t know the answer to that
off the top of my head. -Do you see
a potential problem here with the complete lack
of fact-checking on political advertisements? -Well, Congressman,
I think lying is bad, and I think if you were to
run an ad that had a lie, that would be bad.
-Oh, really? [ Laughter ]
Would that be bad? So if I said you didn’t
look like cross between Data from Star Trek
and a teenage roman emperor, that would be bad? So the billionaires
are freaking out about Warren and Bernie,
but neither of them seem especially worried
about it. Earlier this year, when Warren
was asked about the reaction among billionaires
to her candidacy, she had only
a sarcastic response. -They’re gonna throw everything
at you to stop you. How do you get
from here to there? [ Laughter ] -Are you telling me that the
billionaires are not in favor of my being president
of the United States? [ Laughter and applause ] Damn, you just upset
every plan I had. [ Laughter ]
I’m shocked! -Sarcastic Elizabeth Warren
is like the teacher catching you smoking out back
behind the high school. Wow! Smoking is so cool! Do you know what else
is cool? Emphysema. [ Laughter ] You know the girls like
yellow teeth and skin. All right. I’ll see you guys
back in class. [ Laughter ] Then there’s Bernie.
Last month, Bernie went on CNBC to make
the case that Wall Street should pay more to reduce
income inequality. And at one point, he referred
to his “friends on Wall Street.” -At a time of massive income
and wealth inequality, it is my view that
the wealthiest people in this country,
the top 1/10 of 1%, should be paying
substantially more than they’re paying right now. You have an insane situation. I let my Wall Street
friends there tell me why it makes sense. -You have Wall Street friends?
-No, I don’t. That was just a metaph–
[ Laughter ] I was trying to sound nice.
I don’t. -Of course Bernie doesn’t have
Wall Street friends. I’m guessing that unless
you’re a member of the Vermont Food Co-op
or the Burlington Y, you’re not friends with Bernie
at all. [ As Sanders ]
I go swimming at 5:00 a.m., and then I do a shift
at the co-op, and then I go home
and I don’t talk to anybody. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] And I’m glad
Bernie admitted that. Because if there’s one thing
we’ve all learned from the billionaires,
it’s that… -Lying is bad.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] We’re living in an unprecedented
era of massive inequality. And there’s an incredible hunger
among voters for a candidate who will fight for
a systemic change. Voters don’t seem to want a self-appointed billionaire
savior to ride in and save them, and if you think
you are that savior, you might actually just be a… -Egotistical
billionaire [bleep] -This has been “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪


  1. See Author

    how good does it feel to know that warren and bernie are scaring the billionaires so much?! most of these people got there by cutting corners, loopholes in tax laws, using employees in an unfair way or not paying them right etc. They aren't angels. We as a society dont need to protect them. A healthy society doesnt have this much inequality bt classes. Its not about capitalism or socialism. Forget the labels. Its about fair and healthy societies. We MUST fix our systemic problems if we dont want to fall into the dark ages while china and brazil etc get ahead. Its just logical.

  2. justin regalado Author

    I'd like to voice my concern that the still photo of zuck used in this segment creeps the eff out of me… like The Conjuring level kind of creeps the eff out of me…

  3. christraven Author

    If Brent Spiner were just starting out playing Data on Star Trek, I would be absolutely convinced that he got his inspiration for the character from watching Zuckerberg give interviews and testimony.

  4. VGER Author

    Is it worse for a person to become a billionaire off of the free market, or a politician to become a millionaire off of government? Serious question. Thoughtful answers appreciated.

  5. s je Author

    when has being rich a bad thing, have you all lost your minds??? its crazy that people cant make money. if you all cared you all would Vote to make sure tax deductions and laws against tax havens are not being used to the detriment of America. nope, "blame the rich" its so… easy.. its not the rich – its an uneducated voter base.

  6. MrPernell27 Author

    So sick of people pretending like Bill Gates is such a good person. Look into his family history and you’d probably change your mind. Bloomberg is only running because he corporate dems are scared Bernie or Warren might get the nomination.

  7. A. Westenholz Author

    I wonder who thumbed down this segment? Are there really 800+ billionaires in the US watching this on YT? Or just wannabes hopefuls? Because even if someone doesn't like Warren or Bernie it doesn't mean they should want a billionaire to run "to fix things".

  8. Shamar Needham Author

    Before you try to clump Bloomberg in with the other billionaire bozos remember that he makes his money off of the rich and he was such a good mayor that New Yorkers voted to change the law to allow him serve a third term

  9. rhodesphotoco Author

    Warren was a republican most of her life, has a glass jaw when asked tough questions, didn't endorse Bernie in 2016 and runs against him in 2020. She's not a progressive, even though she's not the worst democratic candidate for the nom.
    Bernie or we're fucked 2020!

  10. Dave S Author

    Well, yeah the Corporate #RichFreeloaders have successfully run their national coup to take over the entire government and political process of the United States. They act like they are creating jobs for us and care about America when all they do is mooch off of us (they make us pay dearly for their lousy jobs and only create jobs because they HAVE to) and the LAST thing they care about is the welfare and freedom of the 99%. Enough is goddamned enough!!!

  11. slippast Author

    EVEN IF Bill Gates were taxed 100 billion dollars he'd still have ~7 billion left. That is SEVEN THOUSAND MILLION dollars.

    Honestly, at what point does it just become a number? I don't know that answer, but I can say that it's well before the 107,000,000,000.00 mark, which is how much Bill gates has right now.

  12. Ashford Marrero Author

    Checkout these unfiltered and unbiased media outlets. 100% factual
    The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk: The Kyle Kulinski Show, Status Coup, The Grayzone, Democracy Now, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, Kim Iverson, Abby Martin's show: Empire Files, MCSC, The Tim Black Show, Redacted Tonight, Real News Network and many more…. Trust that we need change & if you're tired of being lied to by these networks like fox news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, the view…ect they're the sheep herders leading this 🌎 to destruction #GETINFORMED #REVOLUTION

  13. lolipedofin Author

    The attacks against Bill Gates are unwarranted, I know this is mostly are jokes, and I get the humor, but a lot had misunderstood what he said as something sinister, not as unfunny joke by a not so funny guy.

    But Gates is actually one of the billionaires who actually strives to do good, and not just as a PR Stunt, along with Warren Buffet. And he also agrees and favors higher taxes against him and his cohort. He is probably the only prominent billionaire without much sinister reputation, lately at least. Making him the lightning rod for attack against billionaire class seems counter-intuitive.

  14. Luce Ra Author

    They (billioners) are playing game, pretending that they are worried over Warren. Common, we all know she won't push any progressive policy. But Bernie will! That's why they don't even mention him as they do Warren.

  15. OpenMicRejects Author

    Billionaires among others go on podcasts and drink everyday. Stop perpetuating the bad marijuana stigma please.

    Everything else – keep up the god work!

  16. Harvey3rdman Author

    We HAVE a 'billionaire' alternative and have had one for some time. He is also sane, logical and knows the difference between right and wrong. Most importantly he has never, ever golfed with Donald Trump.
    STEYER 2020 !

  17. Bulfwyne Author

    If rich people are this upset with her, then i'm voting for her … Tired of all the problems out country goes through financially being because of Rich people, wealthy banks and the like, making absurd desicions sending us into a Recession, not paying a dime for their mistakes and yet everyone with more than 1 job trying to makes ends-meat have to front the bill… All the while when Joe Shmoe speaks his mind saying rich people are the problem, some how Rich people think they are being personally attacked unfairly because they are successsful and Joe Shmoe isn't … If you use the country for your financial gains, then you aught to show respect and due diligence in paying back. Specially when its on the backs of Joe Shmoe's …

  18. Michael Burgess Author

    No, Jamie Dimon should not be vilified……..he should simply be hung from the nearest lamp post…the man is a billionaire and a bonafide crook

  19. Curmudgeon Author

    Strange that after Bloomberg announced, there was NO outcry about his age being a disqualifying factor. Boomberg is only 6 months younger than Bernie. There has been nothing in the media even mentioning his age.
    Bernie has been consistent in his policies since he started in politics. Bloomberg, in stark contrast, has been a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. he changes his alliances and his affiliations as often as he changes his underwear.
    Bloomberg is worth over $55 billion. Do you really believe he would be willing to jeopardise that and piss off his wealthy mates by pushing for policies that would change the status quo one iota? If you think that, you are delusional, or lying to yourself.

  20. fred nurk Author

    Warren gets the positive champion against the rich spin while we're told nobody but the local food co-op likes Bernie. Who do you think most worries the corporate msm?

  21. PeBoVision Author

    Bloomberg < Heavy Sigh >. Are you folks ever going to realize that electing billionaires helps no one's plight aside from other billionaires? Make no mistakes Bloomberg is throwing his hat in, not to beat Trump, but to beat progressives.

  22. Doug Bevins Author

    Billionaires are socially irresponsible reprobates. They should be abolished. No person should wealthier than is necessary to ensure his kid and grandkids are comfortable. Wealth blights the live of those who inherit it, but is not the wellbeing of the children of privilege that should be our concerns. It is the effect billionaires have on society and our values. The huge pile of personal wealth that are billionaires are used to corrupt our political system to draw ever more wealth toward the very wealthy at the expense of economically marginalizing the working and middle classes. That marginalization brings on natural contempt for our prevailing governing paradigms of liberalism and democracy. Billionaires put at risk the very values and systems they are the primary beneficiaries of.

    Trump and Bernie are both measures of how irresponsible voters have become. The 2008 financial breakdown and the political legal system's complete failure to punish the elites whose reckless venality brought it on broke the world wide consensus for liberal values. National people everywhere no longer rely on deregulated business to provide for all. The EU is under attack. The developing world no longer depends of liberal nations as both exemplars and partners. Every single day a greater share of the national wealth slides toward the very wealthy and away from the working classes and even the middle classes. The result is that tens of millions if not more in this nation understand that the states power has been displaced from accountability to the people and replaced with a corruption that serves those who can bribe and fund campaigns of elected officials. The public till itself is their treasury. The laws and regulations serve to build their wealth at your expense. The Supreme Court has said money has free speech rights so that constitutionally the very rich owners of media outlets are free to say what they will both to build readership and viewership and serve their owners. Truth has no legal value in American public discourse. Courts are removed from any attempt to correct purposeful falsehood unless subjective thought can be proved with evidence–an impossible standard short of admission.

    The American government is no longer of, by and for the people. It is of, by and for the very wealthy who own the government as one of their assets used to increase their own wealth. Is violent revolution necessary to correct this? Are Americans once freed from being imperial assets to become citizens going to let their citizenships dilute into an economic colonization by godless venal reprobates? Is their a third course? Right now, democracy doesn't work in this corrupt country because great wealth always corrupts government–regardless of form, including democratic. Right now liberal economic values are the ideology of growing slavery for the vast majority of people. Why shouldn't we throw those values over and make the faces of billionaires the reason for the need.

  23. TheTechiemoses Author

    What level of amazon prime is that? Delusional Executive level. Go to the Delusional Elite Wikipedia for details. You may need to upgrade your Internet package to include Delusional Elite access.

  24. mzdianedm Author

    Best writing on late night, hands down, IMHO. Kimmel’s funny, too, but Late Night is sooo good at gleaning the worst bits from the Daily Drumpfoolery and piecing the successive laugh bombs into perfect, devastating, little one acts. Go, Seth & Co.!

  25. Zohar F Author

    I invite Bloomberg to run. Heck, let more Billionaires in there. Nothing will boost the Progressives popularity like a real life, present example of a scared rich guy talking in a way that makes it abundantly clear his frame of thinking about the World is alien to most people, and he hardly cares, let alone understands their needs or concerns.

  26. CIA Author

    you americans think bernie sanders is bad. Come here to UK where someone running for priminister named Jeremy Corbyn wants to force mcdonalds to pay their workers £15 an hour minimum wage. Not public servants like nurses or firemen but mcdonald workers

  27. Whipcreambunn Author

    I love you Seth, but I'm so disappointed at your joke about Bernie. You made him sound like a regular gruff mean old man, when what he's doing is staying true to what he has always been saying for decades. Not having friends? What about Cardi B? What about AOC? What about the fact that he cares so much about the marginalized that he asks you to look around and fight for others?

    Come on Seth, I know you can see what the DNC and other media outlets are doing to Bernie, don't be one of them. You are better than that.

  28. Teresa Thayn Author

    With inequality rampant all over the world, the rules don't apply to wealthy people! Wealthy pigs don't do time! Elect Bernie Sanders in 2020! Buying elections has to end!

  29. Stephen Funk Author

    You guys, every time I see Zuckerberg even just for a sec i.e. “lying is bad” I think about him being a complete sociopath with access to everyone’s personal information. Just sayin’.

  30. Isilranna Author

    No one individual should be allowed to keep more than 50 million dollars. Ever. And even that is excessive. Tax them to hell take most of it, it won’t auctally effect their lifestyle at all. They are literal dragons just siting on useless wealth for the sake of it. Eat the rich

  31. DethstruXioN ™ Author

    Lumping Elon Musk with the other billionaires was kinda stupid.
    Sure, smoking weed and wearing casual clothes might not look good, but on the other hand, isn't it kinda refreshing that he isn't exactly like the ones you're condemning?
    He's always been more down to Earth (pun intended) compared to the Bezos' or Bloombergs

  32. Gleason Parker Author

    I would never vote for a billionaire especially after what happened with this one. I think Warren has lost her credibility In not being able to say how she was going to pay for Medicare. I don't think kicking a hundred million people off their private insurance which they got through work after working for 30 years is right either.

  33. Joyice Chase Author

    Okay here's all you guys need to know about this Bloomberg okay he used to be a Republican and changed to Democrat just to get into this race it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this piece of idiocy is trying to pull!!! Dodge and deflect

  34. rustyz8 Author

    Shultz being a billionaire had nothing to do with that dude yelling at him. He yelled at him because Shultz getting into the race as an independent would take votes from the Democratic nominee thus helping Trump takr the victory.

  35. Stefan Reirref Author

    If the billionaires have what it takes to make themselves another billion, which undoubtedly they do, then fine, take 90% of their wealth. Simply take it. Like a sanction or a freezing of assets. Then use that money for the world. I said the WORLD. THAT DONE, there'd be no country for them to run to. If all countries did the same, they'd have nowhere to jump ship to. It'd like a gigantic restart button. Reset the system to 0, allocate the funds where it needs to go, level out the playing field and then start again. The billionaires will undoubtedly once again rise to the surface, the dumbxxx's sink to the bottom, but we might just buy us a few centuries of "civilization' during which we can address the fundamental problems and fix them, while helping most people around the world, lifting them from being in the "have not" category and giving them something other to do than just struggling to survive.

  36. barih4prez Author

    Billionaires, who have befriended multiple Presidents, running child sex trafficking rings should be enough of a reason why there shouldn’t be any Billionaires.

  37. Fyr Werx Author

    Definition of Plutocracy: Government by or for an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.
    Definition of Democracy: Government by or for the majority of its citizenry.

  38. G C Author

    Just tax those billionaires so hard to the point where not a single one is left! When they are all down to just $990mio they can finally learn to get by in life with the bare necessities. The world will be a better place.

  39. Maxime Teppe Author

    Bernie's routines isn't exactly "swim, go to the coop and go back home".
    It's more like, up at 5, swim, go to the coop, go to a roundtable with veterans, have lunch, radio Interview, staff meeting on legislative agenda, meet strikers on the picket line and fly to Iowa for a rally. The dude's only time where he wasn't canvassing the whole country was the week of vacation he took after his heart attack. He's not really the lazy stay at home type talking to none type.

  40. Super Sonic Author

    Well we ALL knew the super fcking rich AND the corporations were going to freak the fck out about Warren and Sanders. Makes me support them MORE!!!!!! Man, will it be forever POETIC JUSTICE if one if them gets in, specially BERNIE baby!!!!


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