1. Flower73223

    It's a beautiful project when is done with love, care and persistence. Am sure it will be beneficial in some places in a bigger / large scale.

  2. Kris

    A few more quick questions, mate. What is your planned maximum stocking rate for Barramundi? I can not find any info in internet about farming Barra above 45kg/m3 in growout period. However, I am aiming for something around 100kg/m3. Tehcnically its easy to accomplish and there will be no oxygen shortage or TAN problems. The question is, can Barramundi handle that amount of stress? Can they get along when stocking at 100kg/m3?
    FYI. Example Tilapia can be easily stocked above 100kg/m3 and there are successful records about stocking African Catfish even up to 300kg/m3 for growout period. So I see no reason why Barramundi can not handle it. Any thoughts?

    Also, about Barramundi feed rations above 1500g. There is next to no info available in internet. I digged google for 30hours in order to find all the research material about this Australian favorite fish. Theres a lot of research done, but not much for feed rations for fillet size fish. However, i digged through about 800 pages of text, managed to find some info and based on that info i made my own calculations which i consider to be very accurate for optimal rates. Im interested have you also done your own feed rations or are you using some fish food factory recommendations?

  3. Brad Prior

    good video mate you mate have to come back to Australia to brush up on the your English mate you for got it hahahhaah keep up the good work


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