1. Shade Davis

    This algae discovery is amazing. Now tell me,How much algae is needed to produce the target fuel. Knowing all the things in the world that run on fuel,a large amount is needed in constant repetitive supply. Is it more efficient than biofuels like biogas and biodiesel. How does it perform in relation to other crude oil based fuels. I saw a video like this where they grew the algae in enclosed environments,they supplied CO2 and light through optic tubes,the algae would produce certain oils which they extracted and then separated to get the fuel desired. Here it seems that you are actually harvesting the algae not its secretions. This would mean that algae farming facilities would be needed,and MASSIVE ones at that depending on the algae volume relative to the fuel volume able to be extracted from it. We need ponds for fish,land for farming. I am hopeful but do not think that algae farms is the best option for producing globally satisfying portions of fuel. Compared to biogas and diesel which depend on things that are readily available on a massive scale(waste which humans are good at producing). Algae depends on you growing it,filtering it,living it. Can anyone share their views,I am no global expert,these are just my views.

  2. Barskor1

    Look at these Muppets give us a grant! We have this wonderful valuable thing! but are to stupid to JUST FUCKING DO IT!!! Pull up you big girl and boy pants cinch the belt cut costs grow algae sell it the oil the biomass and act like you want to earn your keep.

  3. 藍眼睛

    Hello, the company is mainly from carbon capture to carbonated water.
    It is used to culture microalgae as one of the sources of microalgae nutrition. It can be used as raw oil (vegetable oil) and food, feed, etc…

    The company adopts closed-type outdoor tonnage farming..

    From the carbon capture to the stocking operation, the above is a general introduction of the company's microalgae carbon reduction.

    [email protected]

    Chlorella is a good natural agent in sewage treatment

    It can be used as a water quality stabilization function in aquaculture applications. It can be used as an advantage and pure algae species in algae cultivation.

    At present, there are already developed edible live algae supplements. From the raw materials to the finished products, the SGS inspection complies with the health regulations.

    Live algae can be used as raw material for processing. Seeking cooperative development

    Annoyed to the relevant unit. Thank you

  4. Kevin Lane

    True is sounds good, but it seems to me it would be compatible only with engines designed to run on 100% ethanol. We need something renewable, affordable, and compatible with our oil engines.

  5. Ken Titus

    The Constitution does not allow the federal government to be giving money to anyone except for wages and cost to run the federal government to protect us. To give money to state colleges is not allowed. The federal government seems to give grants to many that are connected. Corporations will develop technologies on their own when and if needed. Federal money for state projects is not lawful. These grants also put state and federal governments in competition with private businesses which is an unfair advantage to the businesses while at the same time putting the country deeper in debt because they have to borrow the money they don't  have to give it away to others.That shows you right there that the government doesn't know how to control our money that they so freely give away and squander. Our country is in debt because our leaders  squander, mismanage, not qualified to handle large sums of money and steel our monies.

  6. David Lucero

    yeah these guys are total retards just goes to show how bureaucracy screws up something good everybody knows use the algae that's common to your area so you don't have to spend a lot of time and money on a closed system with algae fighting each other to survive duh

  7. Talltrees84

    I lean more to electric vehicles but hemp and algae derived biodiesel can go a long way to solving issues of climate change and pollution. Besides it keeps money out of the hands of regimes that fund terrorism. Internal combustion vehicles will be on the road for easily another ten years. By that time conventional easy to get inexpensive oil would have peaked.

  8. The Voodoos

    Fantastic outdoor biotechnology ponds should keep a few jumbo-jets in gas for a year Think big the dead sea is drying out abracadabra one big site for a biofuel pond.Only joking,

  9. Cliff Williams

    Thanks for the video! What pH does Spirulina prefer? Also, what macro/micronutrients (I remember hearing N, P, and Si) does Spirulina eat, and how does the operator determine his feeding schedule? Thanks much!

  10. johngagne1

    What do you mean "patent pending"?
    There's nothing new here.
    I've known about this technology for about 20 years, and I DIDN'T INVENT IT!

    It ain't complicated.
    Just admit that you are "contributing" to the science.

  11. No use for lazy people None.

    Well they still have to use acidic substances such as Sodium Hydroxide to separate the Bio Diesel from the other liquids in the oil? Will the resulting product Gel in low temperatures like bio-Diesel made from Fats and fryer oils?

  12. waffle98501

    Ummm Basically most parts can be obtained from an aquarium supply store, but still, there is specific algae used (where to get) and you need to dry and compress (nothing special there) in a way that is protected from rain. By offering a "Kit" that already has all this, a school enterprise can obtain private funding by selling such things to people that just want to play.

  13. Lewis Royer

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I guess since it is still in it's infancy, they are using a lot of energy to make a small amount of oil. But the potential to do this on a much larger scale would probably be where the environmental pay off would come in.

  14. 55rebels


    May 20, 2013
    Exxon Takes Algae Fuel Back to the Drawing Board

    Read more: wwwDOTtechnologyreviewDOTcom/view/515041/exxon-takes-algae-fuel-back-to-the-drawing-board?nopaging=1#ixzz2UeygqiLH
    From MIT Technology Review

    Sorry algae fans,


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