Biology Improvement in Food Resources part 12 (Cattle husbandry) CBSE class 9 IX

hello friends this video on improvement in food resources part 12 is brought to you by exam vo calm no more fear from exam so we will start with cattle farming so let us see how the cattle is taking care of 4 so that their products can be utilized so let's talk about cattle husbandry so what do you think is the purpose of cattle has been doing wonders what do be human beings get from cattle the first thing is milk cows milk Buffalo's milk right very common helps in agriculture you would have seen that that the cows or ox or buffaloes they help in plowing the fields right so they also their labor also helps human beings so these are majorly the two purposes two important purposes of cattle farming so based on this they are classified into two types broadly first is dairy animals what are their animals those animals which give us milk so the term Dale is associated with milk they are often also known as bilge animals so they give us milk so the female cows are the female cows or buffaloes which gives milk are known as dairy animals on the other hand the next classification is draught animals were to draw the animals those which helped us in agriculture like plowing the fields as you can see here right so in cattle when we talk of cattle in India mostly it would include cows and buffalos commonly ok so now let us see how we take care of the feeding breeding and disease control of cattle so let us start with feeding now there are two kinds of the food food which a cattle needs again are broadly classified into two types one is maintenance requirement that is the food which is needed for healthy survival of the animal now let us suppose if we are dependent on a cow for its milk we need to ensure the cow stays healthy if the cow doesn't stay healthy it will not be able to give us good make now one important thing we obtain milk from a cow so is it that it we can get milk from the cow throughout the year it is not like that the cow will be capable of giving milk only during the lactation period so what does lactation period it is the period post the birth of a calf so when a cow gives birth to its baby after that it enters the lactation period in that lactation period it is capable of producing milk to feed its baby and that is the period when we can also get milk from the cow right so it is only during the lactation period that we can actually get milk from a cow so now in order to get make it is very much necessary that the animal should itself remain healthy so this category of food is known as maintenance requirement which is needed for healthy survival of the animal the next category is milk producing requirement what is milk producing requirement it is needed during the lactation period that means there are some specific types of food which should be given to the cow during its lactation period so that it can give good milk right now why do we need maintain why do we need this kind of food first kind maintenance requirement for example the cow is going to help you in your plowing in your farming so it has to be healthy so for that it has to eat food on the other hand the milk producing cows need to have a healthy lactation period only then you will get good make so you need to take care of its food during the lactation period again right so what kind of food it mainly depends on so food of a cow mainly consists of roughage and concentrates so what an roughage roughage is mostly fibers so fiber related food is mostly roughage and water concentrates so roughage are concentrates and concentrates mainly constitute the food of account so you would have seen I mean if you have ever been to the place where you have the cow shades where cow leaves you would have seen the kind of food on which the cow mostly depends they are based mostly of roughage because they need a lot of fibers for their survival right so this is how we can take care of the food of a cattle now let us talk about breeding so how is the breeding ensured now cross breeding of animals to get the desired qualities as I mentioned before also while we were discussing about plants we talked about hybridization right where what do we do we we combine two different varieties of crops to get a new variety with our desired CAD characteristics so similarly in case of cattle also we cross breed animals that means B yeah we make reproduction happen between two different breeds of animals and to get a new animal with some desired qualities let us look at this example so this is a Indian breed of cow called Cindy and this one is a foreign breed called Jersey right so this is the Indian breed deployed Cindy and this is the foreign breed called Jersey so both of them has some characteristics of its own now this Cynthia breed has a characteristic that it is very high it has high resistant to diseases that means it does not catch disease very easy so this is it's positive so this is the positive of the Indian breed what is the positive of this foreign breed the positive of the fair foreign breed is that it has very long lactation periods now what are the advantages of long lactation periods it is only during the lactation periods that we can get milk from this count now if the lactation period is very long that means it will be capable of giving milk for a longer period of time so that is the advantage but this is less resistant to diseases so it can catch diseases easy so in the Indian version it is not resistant it is high resistant to diseases but the lactation period is small so it will be capable of giving milk only for a short period of time so what they do they crossbreed these two animals so when these two animals reproduce what happens that is the result which we get is a desired quality so that result will have long lactation period plus long resistant to diseases that means it will not catch diseases easy at the same time it will have long lactation period so it will be capable of giving milk for a longer period of time so this is known as breeding so when we talk about breeding we actually try to find out that if we crossbreed two animals if we are able to get some animal with some desired qualities so this is how breeding is taken care of in cattle farming next is disease control in order to control anything we should know the cause of that particular thing so for disease control also we should know the cause of diseases so in cattle the disease these are causes of diseases are external parasites water parasites parasites are the microorganisms which enter the body of a host and cause a disease they are known as parasites so external parasites internal parasites water external parasites which attack the body of a cattle externally that means mostly they attack on the skin and can cause skin diseases so what are examples of external parasites would be some termites or insects which can sit on the body of the cow or buffalo and then they can bite them and cause some infection on the skin so they are in external parasites when I talk of internal parasites internal parasites would include such organisms which enter inside the body of the cattle or the body of the cow or buffalo and causes infection inside so these kind of parasites can cause infection of stomach or intestine or it can the lever so it can affect the internal organs like stomach intestine or liver right another kind of cause can be bacterial infection or it can be a viral infection so these are some of the cause of the diseases so microorganisms are the cause sometimes it can be external parasites sometimes it can be internal parasite but why do we need to control the disease's because if we do not control the disease's or if the animal gets some disease it will reduce the milk production and it can also cause death so that is why we need to control the diseases now how do we control the diseases so disease control measures would include cleanliness and proper hygiene now if we maintain proper cleanliness with the animal if the animal is cleaned regularly so the chances are less that external parasites can attack so some termites cannot sit on the skin for a long time and cause infections because you are cleaning it on a regular basis right so cleansiness and proper hygiene if proper hygienic conditions are maintained in where the animal is staying the food which the animal is taken taking in that case bacterial infection and viral infection can also be avoided to a large extent right and the second measure is vaccination we have spoken about vaccinations in our previous lesson that is why do befall e so what is vaccination it is basically a prevention against a certain disease so there are some common diseases which happen in cattle commonly in cows and buffalos so there are some vaccines which are already available in the market it gives those diseases so if you take that vaccine vaccine is nothing but a kind of injection so if you take that injection that disease will not happen to you again for example for human beings we have a vaccination for polio we have a vaccination available for tetanus we have a vaccination available for smallpox right so if you take that vaccination you it will be ensured that you will not get that disease ever so similarly in case of cows and buffalos also you have vaccinations for some diseases which should be taken which should be given to the animal on time so that you can prevent some of the diseases right so this is how we can take care of the disease control of cats right so we saw how why do we need to take care of the cattle because we get milk because they help us in agriculture as well right how do we feed them a mostly roughage because it is reaching fibers and how do we control diseases with vaccination and cleanliness and how do we breed them out to be crossbreed them to get better quantities in them now let us talk about cleanliness how do we ensure cleanliness in fat cells clean dry covered and well ventilated shelter now clean that is very obvious so that infections do not happen when I say dry because if it is dry then it is better as microorganisms cannot because mostly we know that insects and wolves breed in wet places right so that's why it is better if you keep it dry it should be covered so that the animals are protected from heat or cold and well ventilated at the same time it should not be completely covered in that case the animals might suffocate due to lack of fresh air so it should be covered but at the same time it should be when ventilated so somewhat like this so here you can see all the cows are inside this cow shed and they have got a specific place they have this some their food which is rich in which is a rough agent which is rich in fibers regular cleaning of animals to remove dirt and loose here now these animals have hair on their bodies right so in you at a periodic interval of time if you keep cleaning the animals there will be a lot of loose hair on their body so if you do not clean it properly what will happen may be while food or something those loose here might fall into the food and animals might feed on it and that can cause some kind of infection in the stomach so claim maintaining cleanliness of the animal as well as maintaining cleanliness of the shelter of the animal is very very important thank you please visit to watch more videos attempt free online test get free study material find tutors and mentors thank you once again


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