Biology Management of Natural resources part 1 (Introduction) CBSE class 10 X


  1. Anjana Sachdeva

    Hey..? Are you the same teacher who teaches physics as well? Coz u explain bio so nicely but physics explanation i suppose is not upto the mark. 🙁

  2. Sri Vathsan

    for past 3 years i am following examfear,after watching these videos i have started to get good marks in all the subjects mainly in science.So,i thought that this was my boon that i saw all my favourite chapters videos.THANK YOU!!!!

  3. pranesh kumar

    I have a lot of interest to watch these videos now I have watching and later when my mam take these lessons I will answer to the questions

  4. Lisa

    i like these videos truly…now no longer i wait for my school teachers to teach me. i just go through your videos and learn…thanx for this….


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