birds farming business in pakistan | most profitable birds in pakistan

Which birds given more profit in Pakistan
now a days Right now no birds
seasons birds seasons is start in December
gray parrot Senegal ringneck raw parrot the you
breed this birds after 5month as breeder pair if ypu purchase young birds they will breed
in next season if yoy want breed from birds purchase ready to breed birds for up coming
season chosen right time to right birds before breeding season birds purchase in of season
and breeding in season my preference ringneck is good choice
baby ringneck easly sale in market 3500 my second choice is raw parrot breeding pair
raw parrot baby chick sale in 9000to 200000 Senegal parrot is also available
in market baby parrot of Senegal parrots is 4000 cocatiel is also good choice raw parrot
give 2 breed with in years chiks rase with hand feed


  1. Ali Khan Author

    Assalam o alaikum
    Mere jorhe April se mere pass hn jorh he pr meeting nhi krte Madi matki nhi pakrh rhi ja k foran ajati hn kuch btaen plzzzz

  2. Arman Ahmed Author

    "Maal" chota Shakeel bhai birds lover banen…… Tajir na banaen …. At least birds ca business zaroor karen lekin jandar cheese k liye "maal ca word zaib nhi deyta……. Zara sochiye…..!

  3. Mukesh Angal Author

    भाई जान मैं इंदौर मध्य प्रदेश से हूं मेरे यहां पहाड़ी रिंग नेट की पैर है मुझे उनके बच्चों के लिए हैंड फीड मैं क्या देना चाहिए आप बताइए


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