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Black Finger Farm

[car passing by] [tractor starting] [tractor starting] they’re my favorite vegetable to harvest because they’re smelly in a good way
they’ve got a really earthy flavor and earthy smell I also love beets. I’m
Kristin Beauvois I’m Lead Farmer here at Black Finger Farm, co-owner and CSA
manager cause I do it all, and we’re at Black Finger Farm in Lutz off Lakeshore
Drive we’ve had the farm for three years now we’re going into our third CSA
season and we’re an all organic bio intensive farm. I think we, Joe and I both
wanted to return to nature get more get outside more we wanted to grow our own
food we felt that there was a huge lack of it
in the Tampa Bay area and because we couldn’t find it ourselves to the extent
that we wanted we decided that we were going to do it and the trade-off is we
get to eat really healthy fresh organic food and share it with others eating
with friends and gathering around the table is something that’s really
important to us as well. So I’ll give you a little lay out my name is Joe
Delassio I’m 29 years old we farm this year currently were farming two acres
we have a four acre lot half acre of total growing space here and then we’re
building another downtown farm that’s going to be one and a half acres of
growing space so that’s just growing top space so that’s kind of lay out the land
we primarily do hand cultivation here and the downtown farm will be hand
cultivation and then our other location the four acre lot is a mix of tractor
cultivation on plasticulture. So Joe knew CK whose grandfather owns the house
that we are currently farming on and we approached him he had a little under one
acre of land that he couldn’t build on so we approached him that it was just an
empty lot and we had been inspired by a lot of kind of front yard gardeners and
small-scale farmers and we’re like one there is a good place to start and he
was really gracious and in renting the property to us so we currently lease it and
we’ve from start to finish built everything that currently sits on the
farm with our own two hands and a lot of willpower and a lot of grit and sweat for me personally it’s my obsession and what I love I mean there’s a lot of
things that are entailed with that I can’t I basically couldn’t stop thinking
about it since I was about 16 years old every day until now so it’s an obsession
that just keeps growing and growing you know I love I love what it stands for
the culture the food the community and for me it just became like the perfect
lifestyle of like physical activity great food being in nature having fun so
that’s like this all-encompassing way of lifestyle it’s more of a lifestyle that
I wanted for myself than anything I think what excites me most about farming
is the people that I meet along the way especially people that might not have
had an interaction with the farm in the past maybe haven’t purchased local or
don’t know what we’re about and they come out to the farm and they meet Joe
and I they purchase the veggies they go home eat it come back the next week
and then tell us about their experience I just want to share that with everyone
else of how great that is and it’s so good like this is like one
of the finer things in life is eating really good food and having really good
cooks cook that food don’t get much better

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