1. Chris N

    Love your videos you are the man! Could you do a video on milling 304 stainless. I’m having trouble milling with my face cutter. I have to mill very slow to keep from breaking the inserts. I use a 1.5” 5 “toothed” cutter I spin at 750rpm and feed at .002 per tooth only .100 deep about 75% radial depth.

  2. Alfonso Canales

    hello, can someone explain what's the meaning of those parameters? wich one is the feedrate? SFM, RPM (I guess that revolutions per minute, IPM, IPR Thanks you so much!!

  3. Edward Mitchell

    Titan it's starting to look like a metal foundry with all of this orange color and I must say if I didn't see it here I wouldn't believe my eyes. Way to show how it's done Titan.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Wish this guy had his own TV show "machine shop rescue" and do like John taffer and straighten people's shops out show them how to save their business


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