Bloomberg belittles farming, factory jobs in resurfaced 2016 video


  1. JAMIE. T.K. HULIN JR Author

    Ok THE ALEXIA COMMERCIALS ARE REALLY aggravating!!! I mean the couple In the commercial is really like what you see everyday! I hate politically correct crap

  2. KatieandKevin Sears Author

    We do a little side farming at our house. It's way more complex than Doomberg understands. You have to be a chemist, veterinarian, weatherman, laborer, builder and dedicated. He's a worthless idiot.

  3. Rose Saint Clair Author

    So let us get this straight: Bloomberg doesn’t respect the 1st, and 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. No Freedom of Speech, No Freedom of the Press, No Freedom of Religion and No Right to Bear Arms; Welcome to Bloombergs America, brought to you by China. Wake up America!

  4. Yamile Moya Author


  5. Ruth Morris Author

    He’s such an idiot!! Let’s see him run a farm. I worked for the Soil Conservation Service and there’s so much to raising crops than that idiot understands or cares to know about….

  6. Andrea Lindley Author

    When you are entitled enough to believe that farming is easy and you dont have to be intelligent you do not belong representing people outside your bubble.

  7. Ben Miele Author

    I am all for showing this ridiculous comment on farmers and industrial workers, but you just said you were going to show the whole video and didn’t? Watching the whole video doesn’t actually help Bloomberg’s case, but if ur going say “we want to show the whole video” then show the whole video.

  8. Sam Dill Author

    Michael Bloomberg said, "If you don't VOTE with us we're going to go after your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids. And we're NEVER going to STOP. We've got to make them AFRAID of us". Bolshevik.


    Any farmer, or basically any one of us, who had been given the cheap credit that Bloomberg has been given, would be doing well for himself. Grey matter. These parasites make you laugh. Its not like this bonehead is the new Henry Ford.

  10. Jbenderii Author

    “Here’s the whole context”, proceeds to show a clip that literally has hard cuts snapping from one comment to the next. Lol. Thanks Faux News.

  11. J Nadler Author

    For the longest time, Dems be anti white rich male corporatists, anti racist and race card thrown out @any moment.

    Nek minut – Bloomberg enters and becomes their man!

    Typical Dems – “do as I say not as I do” 😂😂😂 TRUMP💪🏾🙌🏾🇹🇴🇳🇿🇺🇸

  12. J Nadler Author

    Mini Mike shows his disconnection with reality and most Americans! Lol

    Farmers are some of the hardest workers on the planet. Max effort, toil, sweat and blood for no gain because of the risks they face from tariffs, weather, crop disease, market price changes, supply chain disruption … so they have to be top of their game!

  13. J Nadler Author

    If Bloomberg news services ended – most of humanity would live on unaffected.

    If farmers stopped working and producing food: we have 2 days to live.

    Food chain is where it’s at Mini Mike. And farmers are the backbone of the US economy, any economy 🇹🇴🇺🇸💪🏾🙌🏾🇳🇿. TRUMP2020

  14. Carolyn Miller Author

    Bloomy just shows us how the Elite think of the common Masses…Working and paying taxes has breed a Group of Elite Dullards….I’m wondering when he is going to bring out the Hot Sauce….JuanWilliams said the same thing about Truck Drivers, (he said they didn’t need to know anything, coal, just pops out of the ground by sticking a shovel in the ground) East Coast and West Coast Looneys.. LIKE AOC says WE DON’T NEED COAL, WE HAVE ELECTRICITY…..

  15. Engaged Voter Author

    Bloomberg is a typical banker internationalist. Farmers are not engaged in an easy or low tech industry. His comments were clear enough. He thinks he knows how to teach anyone anything, and that is what he stated. So another Democrat you can vote for who knows more about your life and future than you do. And with his billions it reminds us why Democrats want to limit donations to candidates that are not Democrats. I live among farmers and by God they are using more technology than any executive could handle.

  16. TheKajunkat Author

    I have a bachelor's degree from a state university, I make business decisions everyday that effect people's lives and millions of dollars. Many of my friends and coworkers consider me to be pretty bright. Two years ago I tried my hand at raising cattle. It has and is continuing to kick my butt on a daily basis.
    This city slicker has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

  17. C J Bowen Author

    minimike cant reach the clutch pedal on my tractor. he couldnt set up my lathe or my milling machine to cut new threads or a keyway in a shaft. he couldnt weld a broken housing on an axle of my disk or fix the chain drive on my planter. hes a sawed off little chump.

  18. Gonzo Buddy Author

    Bloomberg is a satanic worshiping pedophile Khazar piece of excrement.
    His entire existence is based off swindling and stealing his way up the financial ladder.
    Don't forget Bloomberg is neck deep in 911 and has a lengthy list of visits to his buddy, Epstein's Demonic Pedophile island.

  19. Maddy Kibler Author

    Yeah hes full of crap. Hes a stupid old man that dosnt know anything. Democrat or Republican, anyone knows that agriculture is the backbone of the United States. And he wants voters from big farms states… right..

  20. Hoosier Farmer Author

    What a joke of a man, my 9 year old son has done more manual labor than this pansie has done in his life, farming is not a job it’s a way of life!

  21. Connie Sandel Author

    Bloomberg is lying! He's fundamentally a socialist and an elitist at that. True. He has billions but he's also a liar. The reason why he entered the Democratic Party nomination is his deep concern that he can't have Bernie take his billions away.

  22. Element 406 Author

    Yeah that's why the people who are the best at farming have degrees. Idiot. My husband is a machinist and has 2 degrees. Bloomburg has Dunning-Kruger.

  23. Luke Skywalker Author

    Little mini mike is the male version of hillary. His money has always bought just about anything he's ever wanted but now he's SOL. Money is the root of all evil and mini mike is an evil arrogant deceitful SOB.

  24. Takeru Yamato Author

    It is clear he knows absolutely nothing about farming. He may have studied agriculture in college, but never have touched a grain of soil in his life. Does he know how common citizen shops for their food daily? Does he even know what hunger is like? At least President Trump and the Republicans endeavor to learn how we live and think, what we require from our elected officials. Mr. B should try running without using billion of dollars influencing the super delegates against Bernie, very unfair. I don't understand how his supporters tolerate the Democrat Party.

  25. First Vette Author

    SO, he wasn't talking about YOU farmers, he was denegrading your PARENTS. Is this guy really THAT stupid?!! Bernie's looking better and better and better . . .

  26. adam willey Author

    Screw you Bloomberg. That man has no clue what it takes to be a farmer. He is a piece of manure that should be spread in a field. To bad manure is more beneficial than this clown would ever bel

  27. L K Author

    Even I , an amateur gardener who grows flowers in pots, know there is more involved than just poking a seed in the dirt. If not for farmers the world would starve!

  28. Roger Lyons Author

    I would like to see this little pos lift bail of hay put it on a wagon take it the barn I don't that little short pos could even lift a bail of hay. the bail of hay would be bigger than POS is

  29. crazyhorse Author

    Farmers are chemists, biologists, veterinarians, environmentalists, hard working people !!!! up at 4 am physically drained at 7 pm every day !!!

  30. Swamp Ninji Author

    Way to go, you never had a chance to begin with, but you indeed just sealed your fate. Keep spending billions on your useless campaign. Not to mention you might as well go get a permanent tattoo of a crosshair reticle on your forehead.

  31. Ron Mac Author

    The fact that the Democrats think farmers are dumb is the reason a lot of farmers remain as farmers, i.e., from all the subsidies they get from the dumb Democrats. Now I have to ask, who has more grey matter?

  32. Keith Lynch Author

    He wasn't talking about modern farmers duhhh!! He was talking about stone age farmers, which could be construed by some as topical… in archaeological circles?

  33. John Smith Author

    Bloomberg invents software and he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us. What a jerk. I Am glad he got his yesterday. Pocohontis shredded him.

  34. Stephen Paddock Author

    It baffles me trump supporters are acting butt hurt over him saying a blatantly obvious comment that anyone can farm but not everyone has the intelligence for information technology..Really. That crosses the line for y’all!?

  35. Doug Helton Author

    Just proves he’s a liberal looking for a vending machine with a 4 oz soda, lite on the sugar, no seconds! Not all of NY like bloombugger aka snotty rich kid

  36. Eddie Merkus Author

    It goes all the way back to the five books of Moses. Joseph the favorite son of Jacob (Israel) was sold into slavery by his 11 brothers. he became second in command to the Pharaoh in Egypt and managed the farm produce. His dream like wisdom took care of all the people and made the Pharaoh stronger. he was the best son of Israel and the most moral and he took care of his brothers and forgave them for selling him into slavery. The 11 brothers never could come down to earth and embrace agriculture. Bloomberg is an example of that. They feel it beneath them being possessed by their intellect.

  37. rutniktrainer Author

    He said a Machinist just turns a wheel in the direction of the arrow. That's like saying aerospace engineers just point a rocket towards the moon and push the big red button. A Machinist is a highly skilled tradesman.

  38. Jason Barron Author

    The "full context?" What the hell are you on, Cavuto? Those were teensy little snippets and nowhere NEAR as damaging as the proper "full" context was.

  39. Slayer Princess Author

    Him belittling farmers like that just makes him sound so disconnected and out of touch with the real world and most of the people in it. It makes him sound like he is too good to have ever gotten his hands dirty doing hard work and just writes off anyone who does. I write this as someone who grew up farming and is now in programming. You can respect the importance of both industries, both are important. But if it really came down to it, the world could make do without programmers like me better than it could make do without farmers.


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