1. Amity Bloom

    MY CLASSES ARE UP: https://amitybloompocketbook.teachable.com
    I will be creating my bohemian classes very soon!! 
    UPDATE : They all SOLD, I cannot find the words to express my appreciation from you all, your comments, wishes, encouragement, and support!! A giveaway will soon be released as a way to thank you all! I love you my beautiful Amity Bloom family 🙂

  2. Naomi Naera

    Nassi could you maybe do tutorial on these journals on you tube. Im a single mum and cant unfortunately purchase your beautiful journals if you could that would be awesome. I love purple and red.. you do a beautiful job and love your work.

  3. Kelly Alldread

    I want make memory type books for my kids who are adults now…can use greeting cards they received artwork keepsakes all kinds stuff can add …I could even use fabric from baby stuff award ribbons and so on….anyone with extra ideas ? Im so excited get started so have for next xmas…

  4. Kelly Alldread

    Wow they are so creative and professional type work…lots details story etc..awesome…I've watched alot book vids never saw anyone do like yours…can't wait to get making my own…

  5. Deb's Kraft Corner Few

    Im a new subbie! I just found your channel and love all your journals! There beautiful! I know it has been over a year. Your channel just came up:)

  6. Angela Em

    Congratulations for your wonderful art journals and I admire your passion! I really love the way you work with fabrics and embellishments! The owners of these journals are very lucky you have put all this love into making something of a very high aesthetic value and filled with so much soul! <3 <3 <3 <3


    Wow. Your passion for your works of art is special. They are indeed works of art and anyone who gets one has a treasure in their hands. I hope to create something this special and beautiful one day. Much success and God Bless You!

  8. Diane Kopperman

    These are some of the most beautiful journals I've scene. I also appreciated your sensitivity to these very persecuted people. Each story was plausible for them during the 29th and 20th centuries. I appreciate you using the more generic term "Bohemian", but it refers to anyone from this region of the Czech Republic. You could use the terms they use to describe themselves: Romani or Sinti.

  9. Nick Elvins

    So beautiful. So thoughtful and heartfelt. You put your heart into these. You are a little GEM my dear.xo I wish you nothing but the best. Have you thought about turning these ideas in a canvas? You should seriously think about it. Take all of your ideas and put them into one large canvas. Let me know what you think of that idea.xo


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