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[Borderlands 2] Farming Blue for the Fabled Tortoise Shield

hey people, this is just a short video showing you how to farm for a legendary pangolin shield. just take this route shown here to avoid aggro-ing most of the creatures in the area, because varkids and crystalisks can be quite annoying it is a known glitch that blue sometimes becomes invincible if the fight lasts too long so the best way to fight him is to use rocket launchers that have large magazine sizes like the badaboom or any other high damage launcher manufactured by bandit killing crystalisks normally require you to shoot the crystals off their legs but if you are using weapons with explosive damage, you dont necessarily have to aim for the legs sometimes blue’s health bar disappears and he just appears standing there like he is now but all of his drops should still be within reach the drop rate for the fabled tortoise is 5.4% but i did manage to get it on my first try here, and it is the highest capacity shield in the game so it is worth farming for just to have it 🙂 there’s also a loot chest over by a floating platform behind where blue spawns that’s worth checking out too so even if blue doesnt drop good loot, its not a wasted trip happy farming everyone! 🙂

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