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Borderlands 2 | Farming the Wildlife Preserve Loot Midgets

Hey, everyone. How’s it going? This is Oxmonkey
from BroCo Gaming. In this video I’m going to show you how I
farm the Legendary Loot Midgets of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.
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Ok, to start, let’s go over a few important notes.
First, you have to be in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode to do this farming.
Next, the story mission you’ll need to be in is called “Wildlife Preservation”. If you’ve
already completed this mission you can always reset your game.
Now we’re going to be heading to the Natural Selection Annex. The Annex is an add-on to
the game but it’s essential for this strategy because it’ll save you a ton of time. I mean
a ton. If you don’t have the Annex you can buy the
“Creature Slaughter Dome” DLC. And finally, I just want to warn you from
the get-go, don’t go beyond the Loot Midgets at the end. Once you do, you lose the ability
to return and farm them. And that, my friend, will suck monkeys.
Now I’ve already completed the mission up to the Loot Midgets so we’re just going to
speed through to the Annex. On your first run through you’re going to
have to kill enemies to get to this point, but after you return I wouldn’t waste time,
just run straight past them all. So this Loot Midget run is my favorite farming
opportunity in the entire game because these Midgets are fairly fast to get to, pretty
easy to kill, and they drop a huge variety of awesome loot. I’ll show you all of the
great items you can score in a sec. Here we are at the Annex. Transport inside,
then just turn around and head back to the Preserve.
When you do this, every time you Save and Quit, you’ll start back here at the Annex
instead of at the beginning of the Preserve. Now there are a few things you can’t get from
the Loot Midgets: Seraphs, the Norfleet, and Legendary shields. Besides these, if you’re
looking for a chance to score just about every other rare, this is the place. So let’s go
over all of the excellent things you can snag. The Loot Midgets drop Legendary Grenade Mods,
Legendary Class Mods, Legendary Weapons, Pearls, and big selection of Ancient Relics.
And now we’ll head out and make our run. I don’t sprint through this first section because
there are a few chests that occasionally pop out Loot Midgets and you can bag rares before
you even get to our final spot. I stay down in this area because there’s a
place ahead to definitely avoid. So you can use any character for this run
but I prefer to use Salvador. With his ability to unleash a hailstorm of hot lead, he can
quickly tear through this area leaving a pile of corpses in his wake.
You can click here to check out our video on this build.
Here are the chests to check out and one skip. Now I would avoid this enclosed area ahead
at all costs. So just run through here. It can unleash the true evil that is Pestilent
and Rabid stalkers. If you’ve gone up against these bastards you know that they’re a huge
pain in the ass. You have to fight your way through this field
ahead in order to open up a door to the building where our Loot Midgets are.
You’re going to be up against a number of loaders and stalkers in this area. I would
advise that you kill all of them before you move on because I’ve noticed that if you don’t
a lot of times a fewer number of Loot Midgets will show up at the end.
Skipping ahead a bit, once you’ve killed all of the stalkers, this ugly bastard will spawn,
an Ultimate Badass Stalker. Kill him, and as soon as you do head this
direction because an Ultimate Badass Loader will come out of the door you’re trying to
get through. Murder this numbnut as fast as you can because
he can rain down fiery death upon you pretty quickly.
Once he’s dead, clean up any stragglers and head into the building.
Down the hallway and to the right you’ll find a room with 4 boxes. This is our final destination.
These are the boxes containing our Legendary Loot Midgets. You can open them up all at
once or one at a time. Just kill ’em dead and search through the
rubble for sweet loot. On average I get 3 Midgets out of the 4 boxes.
Sometimes I get all 4, others just 2. These Midgets have a very decent drop rate
in my experience and that’s why I really love farming them. But remember, with all farming
your luck will vary. I’ve scored up to 30 rares on my best nights and a just handful
on the worst. And as I mentioned in the beginning, don’t
go beyond this point or these Loot Midgets will not show up when you come back.
So there you go farming the Legendary Loot Midgets of the Preserve. Thanks for watching everyone.
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And good luck on the battlefield Vault Hunters. Oxmonkey out.


  1. Psykhedelic Author

    I don't understand, I go into the annex then leave but every time I save and quit it just starts me back at the beginning? This is getting extremely irritating. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. Lunova Author

    If you want to farm the song of motthrak then I also recommend running through the whole area to get to him and saving and quitting as well if you go further in the quest line. Note this does not make them disappear, except for 1 loot midget that it's in the box with the echo recorder for some reason. There are plenty of other boxes to open tthat have the chance of containing a loot midget, and stalker piles/skag piles I have also gotten some from. Usually I get 3-6 every run and there are also 2 high tier chests at the end where motthrak is if you don't want to fight him, and like 15 ammo crates (not sure if they can contain loot midgets though), and a few more chests, etc. along the way. The only downside is you might have to fight/run a long while.

  3. Ar.In.G Author

    So can we still farm this, I'm in tvhm and I killed them the first time while doing the mission and got two of them to drop me legendaries, after quitting, I come back they still spawn but no longer drop any weapon loot, only whites and money and some white relic, I've done it quit a bit so did they patch it so you can't farm them anymore?

  4. Maple Puff Author

    So I did the run a couple times before getting literally nothing so I'm like "Well I can do this later with doctor's orders."
    So I finish off Bloodwing and open the two chests and get the legendary siren class mod I was looking for.

  5. TheBeleren Author

    What have the people with that shitty norfleet? I know much better rocket launcher, like Tediore and Torgue. And the Bee shield is only helpfull when you don't get any damage, so its pretty useless in open combat the Anshin shield adaptive shield is more better because you get health points and shield as second choice is the firehawk shield very helpfull, because of the nova effect, very cool and effective. And Vladof rocket launchers are better too, because more damage and faster reload and fire rate.

  6. Gruff Author

    guys lol you can finish the story quest just make sure to get the "Doctor's Orders" quest and not pick up the ECHO recorder in the box with the midgets.

  7. lm Odyssey Author

    Dude are you fucking stupid. you can complete the mission but what you need is the doctor orders mission and you can get 4 loot midgets every time if you don't collect the notes

  8. TheRoyalNose Author

    you are wrong you can do this in any mode and the mission is doctor orders and you can finish the mission wildlife exploitation preserve

  9. GalaxyOutcast Author

    All these niggas are dumb including the guy in the video. First off all there no mission need to be equipped all. And 2 is that you don't need to be in ultimate vault hunter mode for them to spawn.

  10. Jasper Liu Author

    Do I have to get Doctor's order while the wildlife main quest is active or do i finsh the main story then take the quest? Im curious because i afraid the mission requirement lvl would scale the midgets lvl and i want lvl 72 loots

  11. Bro Nah Author

    The loot midgets are best for farming legendary and relics (if ultimate true vault hunter mode) not only u getting legendary but some legendary you can get are may be world drops that you can't get by a specific bosses or mini bosses

  12. Kit Carson Author

    Started a new character this week, and I noticed that devious actions are afoot. So we know that we cannot complete Doctors Orders if we wish to farm the midgets. If you complete Doctors Orders that is tied in with finding the Slag Samples…….the midgets will never return.
    So first stop as you run up the pipe……do not take anything from the ammo chest on the side of the room where the marker is for the Doctor Order Echo. It is now long ranged linked to that ammo chest and if you dare take ammo you will also take the Echo.
    Same thing happens in the Loot Midget room, ammo chest to the left, do not touch as if you do the Echo will jump right into your hands.
    So just sneak up on the box and open it and all will be well.
    Evidently they are trying to ruin our fun once again with B.S. nonsense and it seems they wish us to not find decent loot, Nerfing the Bee, making the Conference Call almost impossible to get, etc, etc. I was playing on normal at the moment building a new character so it really does not matter at this point, I just observed that the Echos are now long range linked and if you take ammo out of the box next to the Echo, you will take the Echo… beware………leave the ammo box alone. This way you can return later and spend the entire day if you want just farming midgets.
    Before you had to walk up to the Echos and pick them up……….no so now………it has now been designed to pull a sneak attack on you. This will cause you to complete at least in part Doctors Orders and may well prevent the Loot midgets from spawning.

  13. The ElBaConMasTa Author

    This is the first time I actually found a pretty neat channel. I just subbed. Great channel! Although you got some things wrong in the video, you have great potential! Keep up the good work man!

  14. Psychotic Penguin Author

    1:You can be in any difficulty
    2:You need a specific mission not just the wildlife one
    3:you can go past the midgets nothing will happen
    4:shitty video

  15. Jevgenij Obzigailov Author

    First of all, apply "Borderlands 2 community Patch 4.0" – it makes life much more easier. Like Eridium auto-pickup or farming Toprgue tokens and oranges from Badassasaurus. Good thing is, this patch is big text file, which has to be executed manually every time you load the game. Executable is only modified to allow console.

    1. The mission is Doctor's orders. It allows to respawn at Creature Dome exit.
    2. Don't pick up Echo devices, because less midgets will appear (in my experience, only 2 will spawn if I accidentally picked up Echo device from the box). Without Echo devices taken, I get midget from each box every time.

  16. Reaper-san Author

    I have the worst luck with these midgets i killed them about 59 times and haven't got a single legendary i only got 6 ancient relics

  17. Jason Hastings Author

    It is doctors orders and im doing the tubby/chubby lol farming you described in the dust and 40 minutee later nothing as in none have spawned. Complete waist of time

  18. Anthony Kurosaki Author

    I got a quick question if you dont mind awnsering im going into annex and out then saving and quiting yet it starts at the begining?

  19. raymund usi Author

    Loot midgets can still appear even if you finish the story mission involving finding Bloodwing, take the "doctors orders" mission from Tannis and never finish it meaning dont take any echo recordings on your way (just to be safe). As for the midgets, it seems ancient relics are its most common drops then followed by orange or pearl weapons as its lesser drops.

  20. Eren Yeager Author

    I generally avoid Sal because I play Borderlands for a challenge
    I like Axton, Maya and Zero
    Gunner/AR axton
    Nurse/Cooldown Team Maya
    Sniper Zero

  21. blacklist 13 Author

    Just want to say that he’s completely wrong The mission that spawns the loot midgets are the doctor orders side quest and is given by tannis also you can do this on any mode

  22. Matthew Braddom Author

    Yeah I’m playing the handsome collection for the first play through. I’m level 22 and I have already farmed five orange weapons in the last 20 minutes

  23. raymund usi Author

    I dont know if you experienced it but if you accidentally get the echo recording in the loot midget area, only 2 or 3 loot midget can pop out of the boxes instead of 3 or 4 if the echo remains there

  24. K O Author

    I usually don’t like farming here, as most of the drops I get are low overpower level, while other loot sources always give me weapons scaled to my overpower level. And another thing, is that it’s quite a long way there. Yes, I have the Natural Selection Annex, but it still seems kinda long because of all of the enemies that you have to kill to get to the midgets. I usually farm Warrior and Tinder Snowflake. I can kill The Warrior in about 40 seconds, and he can drop any legendary and pearlescents. And the chests you get after you kill Tinder Snowflake have a high chance to contain legendaries, and sometimes pearlescents. The thing is, all the loot I get here seem under leveled, unlike other loot sources.

  25. Ryan Stewart Author

    Dont listen to a word he says. Somehow he managed to get everything wrong in the beginning. You can be in any mode but pearls will only drop in uvhm. Its called doctors orders and it takes place in the nsa not the mission name. If you go beyond the loot midgets you wont lose your ability to farm them, however if you do anything in the quest 'doctors orders' which starts with collect slag samples (which should be at 0/3) if this isnt at 0/3. Or youre at a different step you will lose the ability to farm them. I'm a minute and im not going farther. Skip this guy

  26. steven Deschamps Author

    Kid ur so wrong lmao i have finshed the bloodwing mission and went back and farmed them so how it works is u can not pick up the recorder in the second box if u do just close game with out saving thats how it works noob dont make vids if u dont khow lmao


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