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Brazilian Agriculture – lot of challenges to become one of the main global players!

hello everybody ladies and gentlemen welcome to go Brazil Channel first Internet channel that links soccer a worldwide passion with international trade so in a very light and very relaxed way we are dealing with a very important issue for Brazil which isn’t analyzation of the companies and to look for export opportunities for Brazilian products to the world and this episode in English from today will be very special we will not talk about specific team but we will talk about Brazilian agriculture how you show you a video from 8 paths the Brazilian Trade & Investment Promotion agencies to let us know that Raziel had a lot of challenges to become one of the main global players and to be among the five largest exporters of food and agriculture products now also as commodities so stay tuned and sit in the chair that the show will start now turn on the music DJ [Music] Brazil is a tropical country with large stretches of land and plenty of water resources it seems easy to produce agricultural goods in a place like this right but the truth is that it wasn’t always that simple a lot of research and effort were put in place by our farmers backed by the excellence of our public and private institutions this allowed Brazil to become one of the main global players in agriculture and livestock Brazil is amongst five largest exporters of food products and it’s a global leader in the production and export of several essential products do you want to know how Brazilians made this happen how about starting with a step back in time 50 years ago local farmers faced severe difficulties the techniques that were available were inadequate for its tropical climate and some of its cultivated land still could have been better used but in the late 60s Brazil began an incredible transformation public institutions and special programs were created to provide support to farmers including public-private partnerships with the development of new techniques Brazil invested in research and in the genetic improvement of seed supplies as well as in new planting techniques people overcame difficulties in those regions where the soil was arid and improved its overall productivity [Music] throughout the last decades Brazil modernized his infrastructure and adjusted the productive process that better serve the international market including the signing of agreements that would establish Brazil within an international framework and providing more self-sufficiency and vitality to zag ricotta and large laws and environmental policies also guarantee safety and sustainability they increase transparency and introduced reliable processes as well because Brazil knows that environmental conservation is essential not only for its competitiveness in the global market but also essential for the planet [Music] the country’s agriculture and livestock sector already represents more than 20% of its GDP and productivity keeps growing [Music] the country has two or more crops per year in several regions and even exports is advanced production techniques providing solutions for food security challenges Brazil have reliable sanitary control practices and high levels of sustainability the country produces more whilst enforcing stricter measures in the fight against deforestation estimates show that Brazil’s agriculture and livestock production will continue to grow in upcoming years and at a higher rate than the global average and this is only the beginning with tropical agriculture bazzill has the opportunity to offer the world contributions in both the two main global challenges of this century food security and environmental sustainability [Music] [Applause] [Music] so that’s all folks I hope you enjoy this episode in English from today where you show the video from apex about Brazilian agriculture progress it’s a very important video for two reasons the first to show that Brazil needed to put a lot of effort to become one of the main players in this market so in the same way if we put enough effort in other market areas as well we can make huge progress on them and second to show that pursues started to join more effectively in international trade just a couple of decades ago so we still have a lot of portunus to search for and stay tuned because we will talk in future videos about other market areas with products that can be exported to you guys so if you liked this episode please hit on thumbs up if you didn’t like it on thumbs ups as well don’t forget to recommend this video to all our family and friends and to subscribe to this channel press the bell icon to receive our leads of all new episodes sounds good so thank you so much many hugs and here I go

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