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Brazilian students spend summer at Horticulture Center

I came to study English and to take some classes
in my major. So making gardens and working with this, it’s very interesting for me
because I see it as a future market in Brazil. Students spending their summer at the Horticulture
Center are part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility program and it is an initiative of the Brazilian
government that is administered by The Institute for National Education out of New York City.
And basically the government of Brazil is funding students to come study in the sciences
for a year. They really get to learn all facets of horticulture
and I tell all my students that work at the horticulture center, what you learn out here
all summer is four, five classes put together. Jessica is a great person, like, she’s patient
with us and everything that she saw, and she tried to explain to us. She always show us
new things and she takes us in different places to know about different guides and to improve
our knowledge. The girls…their project was Daniela and
Vanya’s project. They’re working a little more with the public horticulture discipline,
I would say. They really have a good eye for it, strong work ethic. Julio is more interested
in the irrigation and so his final end project was to come up with an irrigation plan for
to horticulture center. To be able to take classes at Illinois State
students have to have a certain level of English ability and so some Brazilian students are
quite there so they begin in our English Language institute and that has been a really successful
program for them. Here, at least once, everyone lives at least
once, in the dorms, so it’s like a big family. These students have intended to get very involved
in the activities at ISU. They love our athletics programs, they love all the social activities.
They have just brought incredible enthusiasm, diversity to their classrooms. They have such
a love for learning, we so enjoy their passion for Illinois State University.
So, it is very good for international people because we can practice our English so I think
every student in Brazil should try this program because it’s awesome.
State your passion. State your passion.
State your passion at Illinois State University.

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