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Breaking News US/Australia ll Snake catcher is almost bitten in the FACE by an angry serpent

A snake catcher had a close call with an angry red-bellied black snake after it launched at his face Stuart McKenzie, a snake catcher from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, was called to a business in Yandina after the owners notice the snake go into a rat trap Mr McKenzie shared the frightening moment he came face to face with the scary serpent to the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page ‘I tell ya what, I reckon a little wee may have come out when I nearly got kissed on the face by this large fat Red Bellied Black Snake today in Yandina,’ he wrote ‘For a very warm snake he was staying relatively calm but as soon as I lifted him off the ground to bag him up he flew up straight at my face ”Just shows you have to be ready for anything in our job.’ Share this article Share When he arrived to the business, employees told Mr McKenzie that the 1 5-2metre snake had squished itself into a rat-trap.The video then shows Mr McKenzie leaning down to have a look into the trap before he exclaimed: ‘Oh wow! Just saw the side of him he’s huge!’He then clips open the trap and is shocked by the snake’s length  ‘He’s nice and warm and read to go,’ Mr McKenzie says as he grabs onto the end of the red-bellied black snake The snake continues to viciously launch towards the snake catcher ‘That is a massive red-bellied black snake, I don’t know how he fit in there,’ Mr McKenzie says ‘But he is hot and ready to rumble, it’s lucky I was only a couple of minutes away ‘He then picks up his bag to put the snake inside, not before it gets in one more attempt at attacking Mr McKenzie ‘That was about four inches from my face,’ he said, a little taken aback Mr McKenzie said it was one of the closest encounters he has ever had with a red-bellied black snake RED-BELLIED BLACK SNAKES Red-bellied black snakes are a venomous snake species native to the east coast of Australia They are commonly found in woodlands and forests usually in the close vicinity of water sources such as streams, rivers, creeks, seasonally inundated alluvial woodlands, lagoons, swamps and other wetlands It is also common in urban areas along Australia’s eastern coast and it has also adapted to live in modern rural environments being found close to irrigation canals and dams For these reasons, it’s one of Australia’s best-known snake species The red-belly black snake has an average length of 1.5 to 2 m, but some specimens may reach up to 2 5 m. These are some of Australia’s largest venomous snakes.

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