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BREAKING! Russian MoD Publishes First Flight Of Russia’s Secretive Stealth Drone “Hunter” (Охотник)

The Ministry of Defense published footage of the first flight of the latest Russian drone “Hunter”. Tests of the combat complex took place at one of the department’s airfields. The flight of the UAV Hunter lasted more than twenty minutes. The device flew under the control of the operator several times around the site at an altitude of about six hundred meters, and then successfully landed. The “Okhotnik” (Hunter) complex was created by the Sukhoi Company and uses materials and coatings that make the drone almost invisible to radar detection equipment. It has the equipment for optoelectronic, radio engineering and other types of intelligence work.


  1. OC Vegas Property Author

    Hilarious how far behind Russia technologically. How many decades have we had stealth aircraft and this looks like a cheap kids replica, landing gear didn’t even raise and no heat diffusion…

  2. robaus73 Author

    humanity sucks balls i am an Australian but have no qualms with russia taking out the united states of isreal and us with it. to much talk the worlds a shitty place lets go.

  3. VoltageLP Author

    I work for Northrop Grumman and this does not look stealthy to me, just look at that engine exhaust hahaha, Russia is fake as usual

  4. delhi boy Author

    Hope it cannot be hacked easily ..
    Like iran hacked and captured AMERICAN drones…..
    that was Americas free drone delivery service to iran 😂
    Now they are teaching iranian kids to hack usa drones…n fly em instead f kites…
    All that money n brain…and 23 trillion dollar debt on their heads and aliens in area 51 they claim to have…..still USA cant build a proper drone lol…
    I think the aliens they captured didnt gv em any science n tech ideas
    Thats why they still struggling with 5g
    Whats under the area 51 then…if they cant build anything to go to mars and new advanced stuff…i guess the aliens they captured ….
    All just betrayed usa i guess

  5. Джон Джонн Author

    Детище СССР видно же не новый, примерно в конце 80-х на чертили сейчас реализуют

  6. Afkg3ar Author

    Another copy of US military. It looks just like B2 spirit, which has been in use of the USAF for decades.. Russia is slowly catching up with the technology US has had for years

  7. Mezie Mbamara Author

    Japan 🇯🇵 – Drawing Gundamn robots version 5.0 in anime.
    Russia 🇷🇺- Making Gundamn version 1.0 in real life.

    Love from Nigeria.

  8. Your Real Estate Expert Author

    Russia is going to attack Israel and their army will be destroyed (Ezekiel 38-39). Not because Israel is so great, but because God swore to defend Israel and gave Israel their land. Russia will be joined in this fight by Turkey, Syria, Iran and several other countries. They will all be devastated (you can't beat someone when God is on their side).

  9. Egons Abols Author

    это же немецкая троффейная Комета-скрепние ее подкрасили и назвали дроном

  10. Moses Lochang Author

    Russia has finally gotten themselves into drones race and Russia is doing it in a big way,seems to me this drone could be the fastest.

  11. Yogi Bobo Author

    They got alot of that tech from Iran back many years ago when they shot down a US drone. They went so far as to even keel the look of the drone. The navy seal helicopter that crashed in Bin Laden courtyard was sold to the Chinese. Now they have stealth helicopters. So obviously the US tech is being stolen of captured by their adversaries. That said, the US no longer has a technological edge in some areas such as missiles. If an f35 was shot down by Iran and then China and Russia got a hold of its tech, the US would lose its aircraft edge then as well.

  12. junior third Author

    That would be picked up on radar very easily. The engine placement allows for it's exhaust to cast a huge heat signature. Looks like crooked Hillary sold the Russians more than just American uranium.

  13. food Author

    Looks like copycat trash… I expect better from the russians. Now they are following in the footsteps of the Chinese bred pigs. Sad. I expect more from you russians. Instead you are learning from the human Chinese pigs that all they do is copy copy copy

  14. DukRishele Author

    Ого сколько пуканов подгорело🤣 Кастрюли, вчера ваш Зельц предложил туркам продавать Украйне танки! Танки, блять!

  15. foshizzlfizzl Author

    "Невидимый" это может быть для ПВО Сомали.. А так надо говорить правильно
    : молозаметным! А то люди повторять будут этот бред. Нет неведимки..

  16. Cazpar Houser Author

    …toys.. Pfff..💣💥

  17. tRuMptUB3 Ps4 Author

    When i see this i thought maybe this is something powerful but then i seen us new drones amazing. This is honestly junk compared to us drones. Sorry its the truth. Go check them out. Russia please stop posting everything you get on Americas youtube because your starting to look bad. Very bad

  18. Simon Conlaund Author

    The exterior would appear to be a case of reverse engineering, which is a shame because Russia has some of the best aeronautical and design engineers on the planet, the US version although a manned aircraft has its engines hidden on top of the wing to reduce the heat signature as I understood.

  19. Moon Watch Author

    How does it turn black, is it Ikaruga?
    I saw one just like this, full size craft, in black (also in invisible heat-envelope mode) taking the same flight path at least twice, when I used to work for IBM and another place nearby. We just called it the Stealth or Aurora.


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