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Brian’s Testimonial for Heritage Lawns & Irrigation – Kansas City Lawncare

Heritage in my mind is the best the rest of them you can just List in whatever order you want but heritage is number one in the city, Kansas City I Went with them because I had been in the lawn and landscape business for ten years Saw what they did and knew that they could take care of my Leon. I got sick of doing it myself so I hired them they use quality product, and they apply it right I Don’t know what else I could say They do a good job They’re very easy to communicate with they call you before they come out they take care of your problems if something’s wrong You can’t get much better than that I mean you You get a franchise you don’t know who’s gonna be out at that time or the next time and they’re working to make money They’re not working to take care of your yard. I want my yard taken care

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