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Buboy makes a wish for Starla to help the crops in Barrio Maulap | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Look! You can do something
about the crop pests, right? Yes, but it depends on
what you wish for. Alright, then. I wish all the crop pests in Barrio Maulap’s rice fields
would disappear. Okay, got it.
I’ll try it out. Okay. [TWINKLING SOUNDS] Say the word and I will
grant your wishes, and give you what
your heart desires, right here, right now! [TWINKLING SOUNDS] Nothing’s happening, Starla. I’m sorry… Maybe I just can’t do it. [BIRDS SWARMING] [TRUCK SCREECHES] Wait a sec.
[WINGS FLAPPING] [TRUCK DRIVES OFF] Mister Ambo, when do you think
Barrio Maulap will get lucky? Come on, don’t lose hope. [BIRDS SWARMING] What do you think, Lolita? [BIRDS SWARMING] Where’d those come from? [WINGS FLAPPING] Can you lend me some money,
Arnold? What?! Not again! [WINGS FLAPPING] Hey… What’s that? What’s that?! There’s so many of them!
They’re going over there! Just keep running! Hurry up! [WINGS FLAPPING] Buboy! Where’d that boy
run off to this time? What now, Buboy?
Nothing happened. Just believe in yourself!
I know you can do it! I’m not so sure, Buboy. I’m not a very good
wishing star. Not even
back in the academy. Don’t be hard on yourself! Just focus on helping
the people of Barrio Maulap. I know you can do it! Okay then, Buboy. Make your wish again. Got it. Starla, I wish– [BIRDS SWARMING] What’s wrong, Buboy?
Say your wish again! – Starla…
– What? Starla, watch out! – STARLA: [WAILS]
– [WINGS FLAPPING LOUDLY] [WINGS FLAPPING] Wow… [WINGS FLAPPING] [SIGHS] Starla! The pests are gone! Yeah! It’s amazing! [EXCITED SQUEALING] You’re shining again! Granny Tala, Starla has
granted another good wish! Looks like you were right
about Starla! I hope she’ll always
be like this! [SIGHS] [EXCITED SQUEALING] You’re amazing, Starla! I can’t believe it! I thought nothing was
going to happen earlier. But why did that happen? You didn’t know those birds were going to eat
all those pests, but you knew how
to grant my wish when we were in the forest, and when you healed
Tonton’s mother. Why didn’t you know
what to do earlier? Because I knew exactly what
to do in those first wishes, and I pictured what I wanted
to happen in my head. But I really didn’t know
what to do earlier. How should I know
how to get rid of those pests
in the ricefield? What do I know about that? So what I did was
I concentrated, and I wished for
your wish to come true. What? You wished for
my wish to come true? That’s confusing. I’m confused too. I guess that’s the reason
why we train to become full-fledged
wishing stars, so we’ll know how to
grant every wish, and we don’t have to
leave it to luck. I’m still worried, Granny Tala. I know how Starla is. She’ll become too proud after
granting a few good wishes, and she’ll be overconfident, until one day,
she will grant a bad wish. And since you’re
not with her, no one’s there to guide her. But things are
different now, Nova. Starla can interact with humans
and study them up close, and because of that,
she can understand them better, so that she will
only grant the wishes that their hearts truly desire. You’ve granted
three good wishes now! You’re on a roll! You’re not a loser anymore! You’re right! I’m not a loser anymore! Yes! Now, give me five!


  1. Donnamae Nonog Author

    Dapt ito mauna ipalabas bgo ang probinsyano kase png bata ito ndi ung wlang katuturan ang nauunang iplabas puro patayan barilan kz bgo mtulog mga bata sana abs cbn pgpalitin nio ng timeslot ung ang probinsyano

  2. love is unconditonal Author

    Sana mag shift ang viewing hour ng Ang Probinsyano at Starla.

    Starla should come first kasi kakapulutan ng values ng mga bata unlike Ang Probinsyano na puro crimes, vengeance ang theme

  3. malemonstir Author

    teka lang, para matahimik tong konsensya ko, yung starla ba yan yung bata na kasama ni beauty gonzales noon yung teleserye din, di ko maalala, yung parang kahawig din ni beauty gonzales?

  4. Jiho zeΓ±aitnas Author

    sayang!!! wlang full episode ..episode 3 lang ba ang laging full episode…
    waiting ako sa live pero wla na palang live…SAna po Abs-cbn i-upload niyo po yung full episode nya..Please!!!!
    Like here!!! para makita nila…

  5. Christina Maleon Author

    Ang gagaling ng mga artista dito mga grand slam ang mga acting lalo na si Judy ann S.A. at Joel torre buboy at starla…Miss Charo S. The bestπŸ‘

  6. Bidong Valdez Author

    Maraming, maraming salamat ABS-CBN sa napakaganda at makabuluhang teleserye na Starla, isa po akong teacher at nawa maraming mga bata ang makapanood nito..

  7. Nerie Castillo Author

    Hindi sa ayaw qna nang probinsyano pero d tama sa mga batang nakakapanuod..masyado nang bayolente..unahin na sana ang starla at ihule na ang ke coco..

  8. Mashimoto Roofing Machine Trading Author

    Ako din parang bumalik sa pagkabata parang wansapanataym noon unlike ngaun wla ng kwenta ung wansa hnd n pwede sa mga bata

  9. GiaMalena Prado Author

    I think , think only STARLA is much better than the movie – UNFORGETTABLE , baka PABEBE no offense , basta si Ms. Judy Ann Santos Excellent ang acting !! Wow!!

  10. SiR-bHe-tWo SiR-bHe-tWo Author

    ano bayen πŸ™ 1 2 3 lang ung full episode wala na episode 4 baka naman?

    sa una lang magaling🎡🎀🎢🎼🎸🎺🎹🎻🎧

  11. Marleen King Author

    So beautiful inspiring to all, we love this Teleserye Starla.. especially for those losing hope and faith, Buboy is so cute and talented, God Bless to all the cast, directors, producers, etc,
    A five stars ✨⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

  12. Joyce Celine Asuque Author

    Dapat ichange nila ang viewing hour ng Starla at Ang Probinsyano. Iuna nila ang Starla para manoud ang mga bata ng maaga at matulog na.


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