1. Norfiza Md Nor

    I've tried to create a cow nave mesh the way your showing. I don't see the mesh or the plate pcs. Could you show how to make them all visible area yours shows. I select visible in create screen but can not see. I enjoy the video. I will try to use my creation in an old FS13 map that I have updated to 15. Now I am attempting to make it work in FS19.

  2. gridfree.ca

    I am looking for large animal husbandry all of them for map creation, yet no husbandry mods are completely error free, would you be interested in helping fix the current husbandry and add your own touch, I would also recommend a sign or something saying ShyWizard with a youtube icon somewhere as well, since your videos are priceless. please checkout fs19.gridfree.ca also , if you dont have your own website, can create your own forum section for your video and comments as well. if interested send contact us through the site, thanks again for your sharing of knowledge.

  3. Funny Farm Gaming

    Shy did you find or do you have the info for the new nav mesh channels? This tutorial is great but I can't seem to find the info for the horses.

  4. Sbaffo Farming

    hello great tutorial I have to do nav for the horses
    no problem but I was wondering the parameter Building a navMesh Radius ?.?? 0.00

  5. Seth S

    Your videos have helped me the past couple of years in making maps. I apreciate your time in showing us how to do certain things. Thanks, Seth

  6. Bjørn Brynildsen

    Hi. Nice tutorial once again. I tried ti import a placeable, just a shed (building without functions) No luck.
    Could you please make a tutorial on how to to do that? I really struggle with the new xml setup.
    Best regards

  7. Realsville

    Great video. I've tried to apply what I learned in your BGA placeables video to import the cow husbandry from the main game placeables into my mod map. I just can't seem to figure it out. Could you do a video from beginning to end on how to import the animal husbandry placeables from the main game into a sample mod map. Thanks, Frank.


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