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  2. Arnaldo Leon

    HI Antonio , I really respect you a lot and admire you as a person and business guy . Can you show me a link where a can buy a good quality suits I check Grand Frank an it doesn't have suits. thank you

  3. Darrin Harvey

    Antonio. I have really enjoyed your videos, and found them to be inspiration for my current learning/hobby in Bangkok. (Always felt too cost prohibitive to do bespoke suit in the US; however, now that I live here, it is much more realistic.) Would you consider doing a video on your opinion on the "brand" italian/english wool brands and weather they are worth it, in your opinion? As an example, if I went to Narin here in Bangkok, when would it be worth paying extra for a branded fabric?

  4. airtownSC2

    If a fabric that's 70% wool is essentially indistinguishable from one that's 100% wool, why is it preferable to get a 100% wool suit?

  5. fanofskeepun

    I would recommend not ever buying a super 180 fabric, or any fabric using the Super Weight System. These wear out so quickly that they are not worth the high price that they demand. You would be much better off buying a heavy 16 to 24 ounce tweed, whipcord or flannel. Super wool is lightweight and flimsy, causing it to crease easily. It does not drape like the heavier textiles, nor does it allow airflow due to its tight weave. The tailor and author Matt Deckard can tell you more about this.

  6. ngshinong

    Thanks for the info. Is it possible for you to take a look at the fabric in ebay for me? I will email it to you since I can't post the link here.

  7. drew barrymore

    -100%wool has an unmistakable drape, wave & texture (take a look at 100% wool suits)
    -120's – 130's a light wool both in weight and thin
    -150's light structure & finer wave (does not mean light weight, sometimes you could have a heavy 150 that is flannel finish)
    180's+ finer structure than 150, rarely you could find heavy weight 180's because at this point the fabric is intended to have a luster & extra wave

    180's fabrics are usually chosen for special occasion jackets not for every day suits


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