1. love2rogue

    mines outgrown his/her lunchbox, started out as a 1-2cm sling and now its about 4" – figures i should see what would be a good permanent home for it ๐Ÿ˜›

    i would actually highly recommend these as a beginner "SLING"
    hardy, great eaters, dont need too much attention you can be pretty lazy with watering/feeding, they look awesome,
    when i was really new to t's i got a bunch of slings, below is how that went..
    feeding it once per week a meal the same size as it you can expect a juvi/sub adult in just 1 year ๐Ÿ™‚ (this was the case with mine i feed em slow so they live long lives)
    (i lost an, avic avic/avic versicolor/3x p metalica (2 doa, one past away in the juvi stage)
    Green bottle blue still stands ;]

  2. Nolan Jaerold Rivera

    Was wondering how would they react to room Temps of 80f and sometimes hits 90f during summer? I'm Going to get one as my first pet.

  3. Amber Glenn

    I got a sling today from an expo and they put it on moist substrate. Do I need to get a different setup with dry sub set up and rehouse already?

  4. Phentin

    my 1" sling LOVES climbing. Almost constantly is sitting ontop of his leaves or sitting on the hammock he made in the corner of the terrarium.

  5. OrbitalRescueSage

    @tom moran
    I got mine (a 1" specimen) and put it in the beginner kit enclosure from FNT. All it did was immediately web up the fake leaf and sit there, not really moving a lot. Maybe changing orientation. Refuses food. I'm concerned, should I do something, and if so what? Its in the 3" cube enclosure. I do have larger enclosure from Jamies but that seems too big.

  6. Duchinsmickle

    I put fake leafs in mine and she actually webbed the leafs that were 4 inches off the ground. Idk how she got up there but she did.

  7. Dan Mcdonald

    My GBB is great…Had it out for over 2 hours now and wont leave the palm of my hand…..I have only got Ts from FearNot Tarantulas and Addictive Arachnids…Both places are great to deal wih…..

  8. Christian John Anino

    Im quiet concern right now, because i rehouse my newly molted sling, like 2 days ago to its new enclosure and the sub is quiet moist because it is wet when it arrived to me.. im planning to dry it out even the sling is already there..is it fine?

  9. Wild Will333

    Finally got one for my b day yesterday. Got it for $45, 1/2" sling from a guy in Warren OH. I also got 2 obt slings and 2 Mexican red knee slings.He gave me a baby Asian forest scorpion free and an LP sling cause it was my b day. The Gbb slings are beautiful.

  10. Dorian Wright

    I absolutely love this spider! I never even new about this species until I discovered the hobby. Then the fact that it webs up it's enclosure is so DOPE! Can't wait to get one! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  11. Belles Exotic

    I have my 1 yr old female in a 3 gal bugarium myself, I out her in there as a sling and she is perfectly happy and pretty much full grown because for the first time in months she is going to molt again and I believe this will be her mature molt and she will be ready for breeding. Funny enough my friends male just matured as well, but knowing gbbs her molting will take forever ๐Ÿ˜

  12. an 0ld fat man

    I'm ordering a sling from fear not tarantulas this Friday. I'm excited to watch the changes in colors as it grows. Thanks for the husbandry video.

  13. Clay Delaino

    How about a husbandry video for Aphonopelma seemani I just picked up one for my first T and Iโ€™d love to have your take on them

  14. shinbiku

    Thanks for such an awesome video. I wish your video was further up. I was gifted a GBB Sling as my very first tarantula and all the care information I saw said to keep it damp for slings, while others were telling me dry. You are the only one that actually explained the difference and why they should be kept dry. Wonderful video, I have subscribed.

  15. DonutsRYummy

    Fuckin awesome shirt btw

    Trying to buy a female GBB as my first T,
    Hoping I will get an answer later today ๐Ÿ™‚
    itโ€™s a little weird how the store does its business but I understand though that it is hard work with the Tโ€™s…. just one question
    What is the best enclosure for a 1.5cm sling?

    Update: I bought her!!!! Woohoo shipping on Monday ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป well I did some research, the small capsule that she will arrive in Iโ€™ll add some substrate… and buy several containers ( to already have as she grows into them )
    Apparently the store I ordered online from already sexed the small half inch C. Cyaneopubescens

  16. YoutuberinCanada

    Iโ€™m thinking of getting a GBB from Arachnophiliacs if I have that right there in Surrey Canada. With critter keepers do you add holes on the 2 sides of the critter keeper? I bought the tarantula keepers guide to get to know tarantulas more

  17. Jp Coward jr

    Is it normal for these guys to sit in the side of their enclosure? The Sling is sitting on its web mat but itโ€™s sort of on the side. Iโ€™m debating on decreasing the substrate to give it a bit more height and Iโ€™m wondering if my substrate is too wet.

  18. Justin G

    Great video!

    I have 2 Questions: I have raised an Aphonopelma Seemanni and a Grammostola Rosea in the past, both male's died of old age after several years in my care. I have not owned a T since, about 10 years, I am wanting to start my collection again. I was going to start with 4 slings 2 Caribena Versicolor and 2 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens. I have watched your care videos for both species and believe I can successfully raise them.

    All that to say my questions:

    Where do you recommend buying slings?

    For food I would like to raise a colony of Turkestan Roaches, do you have a place you would recommend getting a starter colony from?

    Thank you for your help!


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