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Capogreco Farms – Signet Customer Success Story Full-Length

(gentle guitar music) – I’m Bruno Capogreco, and I’m a melon grower down
in Hamel, Western Australia. We are currently cropping 500 acres of rockmelons and honeydew melons, and we export to 12 different countries. There was a listeria
outbreak in New South Wales on one farm, in the rockmelon industry, and it basically devastated
sales domestically, and export was down 90%. – The listeria outbreak was
devastating for Capogrecos. It was an issue that
wasn’t caused by Capogreco, but from another farm over east. But the consumers really
obviously were affected. – The listeria outbreak was, I mean, the worst thing any farmer
would have to go through. Yeah, we lost 90% of our sales. We would normally pack
in 100 tonnes per day. We went down to 10 tonnes per day. That was straight away, we had to lay off over 50% of our staff. No one was buying them. Everyone’s scared. Thought they were gonna die. It’s been tough. Very tough to continue on, basically. – Signet stepped in to
really listen to the customer and provide new solutions
for their next year to improve the quality
for their customers. Our relationship with Capogreco and Signet is a true partnership. It’s one that’s built on values. They’re a family-owned business. We’re a family-owned business. Looking to create a sustainable future. – Signet run their mulch films on our custom-built mulch layer. And it’s helped us improve
our quality and QA specs due to them having a
HACCP-approved facility. – Our mulch film forms the bed of what the farmer is growing. It allows the evaporation of moisture out of the soil to be contained. And also stops weeds from penetrating and affecting the fruit when growing. Our mulch film is produced in our HACCP-approved facility in Brisbane. Because it’s certified, the
quality of product that is made, also achieves the quality of the fruit that is produced here on the farm. Which is for the farmer, and
also for the consumer safety. – We initially chose Signet because the service that they provide and the representatives
we deal with directly have been really good. Signet is like a one-stop shop for us. They supply us our plastic mulch films, brooms, buckets, gloves, all
sorts of hygiene products. – It’s really a partnership with both Capogreco and ourselves. It’s around to understanding the journey that they’re on, and the journey that we also need to be a part of. – Working with Signet, we’ve
has 10% increase in sales, and also 15% production lift. Things are looking good again and we’re hopefully back on the up. – Signet are here helping
Australians compete. And what we mean by that, is working with Australian-owned businesses to remain competitive, while bringing new innovation, best products, and best business practices. – Working with Signet has
been a great experience. They’re just like a family, like ours at the end of the day. (gentle guitar music)


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