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Capturing Crop Disease Photos With Your Mobile Device

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel Kempker
and I’m the iPipe intern at Iowa State University. Today I’m going to show you a
proper way to take an image of a corn and soybean plant on your mobile device. A few pointers before we get started:
put your phone camera on HDR mode, do not use zoom, instead, walk closer to
the plant to get a better quality of image. Also, don’t turn your flash on as
this creates unnecessary shadows on the plants that you’re taking pictures of. When taking images of soybeans you want to make sure that the diseased area is in
the center of the frame and in focus. Corn plants have long and lengthy leaves. It’s better to get an image of the
length not the width. When taking an up close image of a corn leaf with a lesion make sure your camera is in focus with the diseased area being the focal
point of the image. Scout, snap and share and let us know what you’re finding in your fields!

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