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CAREERS IN B.Sc ZOOLOGY – M.Sc,Zoologists,Govt Jobs,Institutions,Research,Salary package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Zoology Being a principal division of science B. Sc
Zoology is a class which trains about the habitat of animals, behavior and evolution
of animals. Zoology is an important course, as it takes a deep look into animals. The
undergraduate course sails in deeper to learn about the animal kingdom, which takes into
account the classification, structure, evolution, habits, embryology and more. Students who
are more interested towards animals can take up this course. B. Sc Zoology is a three year course which covers six semesters. A candidate with biology
in higher secondary schooling and eligible marks can get enrolled for B.Sc Zoology course.
There is a lot of scope for B.Sc Zoology graduates for higher studies. Higher studies can be
pursued in India and in foreign countries. The options available for higher studies are
Master of Science in Zoology, Master of Science in applied Zoology, Master of Science in Zoology
(honors), Master of Philosophy in Life Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology, Master of
Science and Master of Philosophy in Zoology, master of business administration, doctor
of philosophy in life science, and post graduate diploma in life science. Foreign universities
also offer the same course in leading countries like UK, US, Australia and more. Each university
has separate rules and procedures and hence reading through their prospects can be a smart
way. Being one of the demanded courses in India
and abroad, job opportunities for the course are exceptional. A few job positions for this
course are veterinarian, animal breeders, lab technician, forensic experts, animal trainers,
zoo curator, documentary maker, wildlife biologist, animal and wildlife educator, and more. With
the numerous opportunities in the field, the salary initiates from 8000 and reaches to
about 13,000. Experienced candidates earn from about 25000 per month. For students who desire to pursue the degree through distance education, there are legion
of universities scattered across the country. Few universities are university of Uttaranchal,
Kota Rajasthan, Annamalai University, Alagappa University, Bharathiyaar University Coimbatore,
Karnataka State Open University, Tamil nadu Open University and more. When government jobs are discoursed, there are a number of government companies, research
institutes and universities which offer jobs where a few of them are listed below.
• National Institute for Research in Tribal Health
• National Bureau of Plant Genetic resources • National Institute of Cholera and Enteric
Diseases • Goa university
• Central agricultural university • Central institute of fisheries technology
• Kerala agricultural university • Marine product export development authority
• Indira Gandhi college and research institute • University of Delhi
A few private companies that offer jobs for B.Sc graduates are mentioned
• TTechnosol • CIFT
• HBL global Pvt ltd • Harvas management solution private limited
• Wellcon animal health • Medex
• Collabera In order to know more about the job opportunities
for B.Sc Zoology, the site is a beneficial one. The site offers complete
details regarding private and government jobs. In the same manner applying for the jobs is
also made easy by clicking on each criteria and following their procedure we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below


  1. shivangi shukla Author

    hwloo mam ..bsc me sbse acha kon sa hota h mai kya lu kiska scope hai kissme job or salry achi ho . plzz tell me something tips

  2. Kritika Choudhury Author

    Hi ma'am I'm in class 12 currently. I wanted to know the difference between bsc. in zoology and bsc. in advance zoology and biotechnology. Are the subjects available for masters are different in both? Please help.

  3. 09fazlu Rahman Author

    Hallo mem aap hindu and english kar ke bta o jo ki mujhe samajh me aa jaye ओर aage ka all part v samajh jaye aur main aage badh ske टी

  4. Adam Parkar Author

    no scope after zoology….i learnt lot of articles and lot of people experienced with….so do not brainwash people with wrong information….even though it has job, you get peanuts salary….do not go ahead for this….

  5. Pritam Adsule Author

    Mam is that so a person can get only up to 25,000 salary that doesnt matter hoe much uhh earn …doing something which make u enthusiastic never thinks about earning ..every job give u sum money some time less sometime more ..its all depend on how u work and how much u give ur efforts and interest in learning..guyz dont get demorilized …u can also earn more than 25,000 love ur work..

  6. Sukirti Sharma Author

    Tell me about veterinary… what to do after graduation.. plzzzzz n foreign opportunities through what tests etc. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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