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Carpet Python, Ball Python & Boa Constrictor keeper Emily Stein! (2019)

[Music] hi everyone I’m here with my friend Emily Stine I’m proud and happy snake owner now she has three of them so Emily what made you want the snake well it was kind of a an instinctual longing and then I met you and that day that lizard help crawled into my purse you introduced me to all your snakes and I was in love and I knew that I had to be a noodle mom one day and a year later after I got my first boa from you I have now three snakes altogether my family was concerned about my mental health I told them it’s just a hobby that I have come to love I’m glad you’re taking such good care of what is your snakes name so this is Petrie my my normal boa he’s about one year old’s just over here he’s super healthy super chill it’s never bitten me he’s never hissed at me it’s never even history I’ve never heard of this now tell me about is this this is your third visit yeah this is my favorite so said Bunji who’s hiding he is a ball python of butter passed down water actually won him in a contest shout-out to genetic intuition emily has prepared a very special surprise for us we’re gonna have a sneak peek it’s so exciting cuz my collar man oh cool it was $4 but on the edges it looks like he’s gonna go for it even though the hose is attacking in a bit my snakes I haven’t really got scared I think that’s enough it’s that fourth capacitor you get really it finally went to go get fluffy and right that she got fluffy Petry decided to go for a swim you going right to the other side yep it’s traversing me in like do I go across or do I go inside or what’s gonna happen when my tail falls in I guess but making sure you split your teacher’s name he’s floating I love how Chile is yeah that’s one thing that lots of people have said about my snakes are very very chill I’m glad he stayed chill under your care Emily’s done a wonderful job and she loves her animals I’m always happy to see animals go to get home fluffy my earring giant carpet python right actually adopted him from somebody who had to move overseas and couldn’t bring him with her he’s about 15 years old now when he don’t sigh he loves to stretch himself out with us to climb especially and he’s not as much of a hider like my other snakes are he likes to be kind of out you can swim really nice yellow coloration on his belly especially at the front here see under his little chin we’ve got different different I’m really nice good-looking face he has different heat pits on the other snakes she’s got hairs on the bottom on the bottom jaw you can see them there right right over here no fluffy is going first one apparently fluffy loves the pool forget you guys okay maybe maybe need to be we let Petrie go in the pool and I know it’s Tyler I want no part of it okay hey monkey what do you think oh he’s interested oh my gosh he’s like actually going for it okay what’s funny first of all let’s go through the names again what why did you name Petrie Petrie I wanted something a little nerdy so Petrie as a petri dish like you know that you tests bacterial samples in as invented by Robert Petrie the scientist but also Petri is the name of the pterodactyl in Land Before Time the beloved children’s cartoon about dinosaurs I went with Petrie because it just it was cute it’s two syllables it’s easy to say Petrie it’s cute to say well I noticed the first thing when I put him down when he moved he kind of hosts scrunch up and then he’ll it elongate to move and I was like oh my gosh he’s like a bungee cord nice and kinda looks like like a bungee cord too and I just thought I just need that cute two syllable name you know so now what’s what’s your least favorite thing about Bunji Bunji can have some finicky eating periods like for example I’ll try and feed him and he just won’t go for it he’s just not interested and that’s frustrating because there’s no telling when it’s gonna happen there’s no there’s no consistency and when he’s not hungry and you know that can be worried so he’s also he loves to hide so if I take him out he’ll immediately go to hide and you know my favorite thing about him is honestly just his cuteness he’s so endearing he’s they’re just like these chubby little floppy goofy guys he’s not the brightest guy he’s a little clumsy he’ll fall sometimes or he’ll do a really tall scope so he’ll stand up and then he’ll fall over because you know he can’t balance himself so that’s pretty that’s pretty cute and I love his face especially he kind of has this little puppy kind how snoot going on you can see that they’re just the cutest and he’s definitely more active he’s he’s very fast to like if I put him down he goes the next moment in those bushes I have to go get him almost name to mr. speedy and I was like nah no bungees the names for you but you may use my chubby boy I have a much different profile than the Venza boa Boas are kind of square and these guys are just ground and squishy we’re just makes a nice cuddly boy okay let’s see here is the least favorite thing if for example if he’s all curled up asleep and I go to open his enclosure he’ll kind of twitch and he’ll immediately look up and what’s going on it’s like is there food is there something for me to bite is there something that I should be afraid of he’s been nippy before but it’s funny because it’s just like he’s one of the comments lookee here he is the only reason he bit me was because I stuck my hand in his and clothes and I just kind of like reached into the substrate and moved my hand around he thought I was a rat for him to eat this and to quickly realize that I wasn’t edible and he let you go but you know there must have been a little stressful for him what is your favorite thing about my favorite thing about fluffy is his size and I love his head so much if he can I can find it I love his face yeah I love his face and I love I love how big his head is weirdly like I love I love the like the back part Fluffy’s got a really nice shaped head here and he’s got a beautiful marking on – you can he’s got a handsome face be really handsome and I love his blue tongue can you show us thank you yes whatever you think you don’t like that’s pretty hard to say I mean he’s probably everyone everyone who is inexperienced with snakes says that Petrie is their favorite because he’s so relaxed he’s so slow he doesn’t move suddenly and he’s just happy to sit and relax around your neck sometimes they’re supposed to tell me what you don’t like about I’m trying to I’m trying to cover all the ground I really like have never had an issue with him he’s he’s the best I would I would reach for him first though if I were like I wanna hang out with a snake I’m like his Petrie awake his Petrie Petrie down to hang out cuz he’s pretty good to hang out with I would choose him over fluffy because fluffy can be a little you know a little less chill hello and what’s your favorite thing about Petrie my favorite thing is watching him grow when I got him he was so tiny he was about as thick as my pinky and maybe like a foot long and now he’s almost three three and a half feet long and I just stopped watching Crow and feeding him and seeing him learn that you know there’s like his favorite places to go like on the couch he always loves going up top over the cushions and when I bring him there he goes right for the cushion so he kind of knows his house a little bit and he’s kind of a smart guy kind of smart then he learned stuff and he knows his mommy if I put him down with a bunch of people around like in a circle he’ll always come to me and sometimes when I talk to him he knows the tone of my voice cuz who stick his head up and out of his enclosure I love his face all Boas have their own unique facial markings if he would show them to you he’s got a really cute little nose shape there some have like really obvious like French mustaches like curly mustaches but he’s just got who knows his spot very much thank you very much Emily it was wonderful coming to visit you see you later [Music]

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