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Cassava farming in Nigeria; the truth you must know

hi everyone today we want to talk about Cassava
farming in Nigeria the good new is Nigeria is i think the largest producer of cassava
all over the world the bad news is even up till today we still have cassava finish product
been imported into our country that is very bad for us and you really will not believe
how this game is being played on us and am going to explain of course by now you will
understand the way the game of crude oil is being played against us in the past i dont
know the time you are watching this video maybe things have improved the way it happens
they take our crude oil to refine somewhere else United State or any other countries after
refining they sell it to us back that is very bad is as good as me coming to you house take
your rice cook it and sell it for you very bad now why am i telling you this there are
still opportunities in this angle nobody seems to be looking at right now , now up till today
we still have cassava finish product being imported into our country and you wonder if
Nigeria is the biggest cassava producer all over the world how come did we still import
cassava finished product what happen is somebody from Indian comes to Nigeria buy all our cassava
take it to india refine it bring it back as garri and Nigerians buy it somebody from Cotonou
does similar thing somebody from Australia does similar thing now why we are here thinking
government is responsible for our woo and they have to be the one to solve it now i
just said that to mess around and to just kind of like open your mind to a lots of other
thing we really have to change in this angle now watching this video show that you are
interested in cassava farming in Nigeria and i will like to share with you one or two things
which may be of good help to start with preparing your farm for cassava is you now the first
thing most people do but what some other people may not consider is that you have to consider
the market you even before you kind of like get your location set you have to consider
the market because transportation from your farm to market is going to influence you know
how you end up making profit or running to lost and at the same time the buyers that
are available which of course it is you in this part of the world people rush to business
hoping that there is a ready made market the reason why people assume this is because media
is always busy telling us stories and media is kind of like being programmed to go in
a certain direction and by the time they are been programmed for that direction they dont
turn back so what most people belief is because everybody is talking about Agriculture !!! now
it must be a very good thing for me to go and get started on time and because everybody
is talking about it the market is going to be there no it is not always so in most cases
you really have to understand the market or even at times know the market before you choose
location of whatever you want to produce in this case cassava business so i advise you
please invest some time some moment to kind of like understand cassava processing cassava
market that is raw market processing market in your area and another thing you have to
consider is are you actually going into producing the cassava from the raw and processing it
into the finished goods i mean finish goods which is Garri and the Lice now if that is
your plan of course you really have to make it a standard that is going to meet the modern
so to say imported ones you know you cant cry enough thinking Nigeria up till today
are still importing Garri you know imagine we import Rice we are still importing Garri
now so the location of your farm has to be consider as a good place why you consider
the market by the other side now the other thing is that you know planting your cassava
which is another question some body may want to ask now can i plant my cassava with other
crops answer is yes. yes because cassava can co-habit with the
likes of maize the likes of i think even rice but you may not want to go to rice of course
you can be sure of it this allow you to utilize the farm very very very well the other thing
you may want to consider is the variety you know the way it happen is in the 60’s in the
70’s when cassava plantation just getting started what our forefather does what they
did was just get cassava stem plant it stay the next two and half three years harvest
it now as time goes on some people are getting concern that we could improve this yield i
mean why most people wait three year before we harvest our cassava and you they are lots
of differences institute that devoted their time into researching how to get improve variety
of cassava i think late 80’s which i may not be very specific here because i really dont
have it up here they come up with improved variety of cassava all over Nigeria and that
becomes the new trends but that did not last until there is a pest outbreak which really
affected that improve yield so researchers who has actually devoted their time and life
to this have to go back to the drawing board how can we improve this thing even further
before they get to certain level where we are now that we now have the improve variety
of cassava now i have to tell you this because it will not make a lot of sense for you to
invest your money into hecters of cassava and you use wrong variety and the outcome
of that is you have to wait longer than necessary and even the outcome which is the end produce
is not going to worth it now how do you get improved variety i think as of now the most
authoritative place is IITA that is in Ibadan IITA is like institute that is devoted to
be researching agriculture and improvement on modern agriculture so they sell if you
are for instance if you are thinking about plantain they sell plantain seed they give
advise about corn they sell i think cassava they tell you the best yield sort of things
like that so if you are really serious about this you may take a trip to IITA in Ibadan
another question you may want to ask is what is the best soil for cassava very simple deep
loamy soil i think yeah deep loamy soil is the best for cassava but why this opinion
could be very depending on who is saying it what i think is right as of now deep loamy
soil is the best soil you could choose for your cassava alright haven’t discuss all this
from market to choosen the right location to the appropriate variety to few other things
i have discuss with you bi will like to round up by this advise the best for you to go far
in everything you are doing in this case cassava farming is to actually tap into the experience
of people who have gone ahead of you so the best i advise i give people alway and always
is look out for somebody who has been into this business for a couples of years then
employ him if possible he will tend to like use his five seven ten years for you while
you pay him for it now the second best advise is if you are not able to get that get somebody
who is on the farm i mean somebody who has a farm operated a cassava farm before but
now he’s busy that can actually guide you as a consultant giving you the right you know
advise do this dont this do that and sort of things like that now if you have difficulty
in any of this way you can reach out to us on the number you are seeing on this your
screen if you give us a call what we do basically is we attach you with our nearest associate
farm to you cassava farm which is going to be a farm which we have farmers or farmer
that you can go into see the way things arre being done or take one of those farmer which
is in our partner to work with you kind of like sharing their experience their knowledge
into you this is how we do it and a kind of like rescuing from unnecessary mistake and
error. Thank you so much for watching this video
we will be glad to work with you if there is opportunity kindly dial the number showing
on your screen and lets talk about your project and how we can use how experience farmer for
your good as you are planing for cassava farming in Nigeria
Thank you


  1. Patrick Patricia Author

    interesting, in my village they use a stem that produces his food at seven months, if you are interested of the stem kindly reply me here am from edo state Benin city Nigeria

  2. Antonio Pantophlet Author

    Government cannot solve the problem. We have to do it ourselves. Government can only facilitate. To solve the problem we can start processing coorporatives and credit cooperatives.

  3. abba garba Author

    Nice Video Mr. Steve how can i get in touch with you Pls.? I would like to share with you an amazing project recently we would like to start me and my Chinese partners… Thanks ABBA.

  4. চৌধুরী সাহেব Author

    farm any legume with casava.
    I'm from Bangladesh. last year I plant 2 of them. There is some soybean plant near one of them. this one produce double.
    I didn't use any fertilizer

  5. ika din Author

    Is this means your people buys imported cassava products but not from local market? Cuz cheaper? Or government just.. I don't get it. Yeah…I'm stupid

  6. David Olupitan Author

    The number to call for inquiry is clearly written on the screen at 8:05 yet some people are still asking for contact in their comment. I mean, what's up with that?

  7. G The Entity Author

    As a citizen of the United States, it's always great to see Entrepreneurs abroad, taking things back into their own hands! My country has been scamming the world, its about time you all have what's rightfully yours, good for you!


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