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this portion is brought to you by the doc excellence Jana Magalie the success of a cattle farming business depends on how you take good care of your cows and how you manage your entire farm Annabel Mikayla ago in part making successful young cattle farm Allah minimal steps on how to obtain a successful farm with the help of jalisa agribusiness corporation I'm confinement method is an arena Papadopoulos on cattle farm concern Aqualung Allen Omaha loggin cattle must a supervised non-management unconditional status non volatile again Baba – fine selasa is an lugar which makes this an ideal method to use when you start your cattle farm on space requirement for readers is 5 square meters per head pas de semana breeders la Kazama vanilla ma calves on space requirement I eight square meters per pair at para semana fattener three square meters per cow on space requirement it is best that you arrange the pans of your kettles in an organized manner in this setup in vickima here upon I identify a yo ma kettle concealable I for breeding or for fattening maganda D noggin eaten set up dial matter – LuAnn Calma monitor casino Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna Atkinson o unready for reproduction para semana para una bumpy's na nearly party last gestating area mañana de libido for maintenance and extra care for nine months ten days before mahanakhon baka illa li pona selasa having fans Kunsan mo monitor seal anima cowboy Hangang Cielo I'm Elena sebagai log Animal House BBB Gosselin of vitamins and other supplements such as iodine after 32 hours the Cavs will be given colostrum volume for secretion the Nagas guiding some memory glands now mother cow this is given because colostrum is rich in antibodies that will help the calf grow to its full potential those calves have lost their parents or are abandoned will be adopted and be placed in the orphan section that is located inside the calving area Oh mañana de uma calves Kazama Catalan mother-son nursing pan hangang Susilo I am up with them three months after three months evil ænima cows subhanAllah mana a t2c llama momologue ISA winning pan but dating me less a winning pan D tuna gang up on branding functional Allegheny landmark am Ibaka Parimal Amin casino an ungodly safari my second item para anne-marie was an onion breeding that will cause abnormalities to the offspring in a duodenum branding parliament casino mogul salmon since Albert sir winning pendant midi determine come seen on pisaq sub reader category d totin eating non Camaro nice ankov namana characteristics nani some breeder may characteristics man Nakula nissan calf then they will be considered for fattening pinup Akiyama calves none three times a day with more grass and less concentrate i'ma Barnaby Lee for breeding I nearly leap at sub breeding pen for them to reproduce mañana filly among readers Dido hangang Sheila I'm a boon piece every three months Dita dinky noggin up on pregnancy palpation or impact checksum Ibaka who's he live in peace Oh indeed for male breeders que la montaña dhaba pantheon testicles nila al-arabi Neela I Kayla Anna Hinton la lai mug enduring characteristics now male breeders unpackaging rotten Cod at Malatya Catalan for female breeders Kayla vomiting Cod at monopoly on cannon on padawan it is also important for female readers to have nipples that are of the same size you the lamp imambara and non-book breed nama cattle this is through natural breeding and through artificial insemination the breeding pen consists of readers with a ratio of one bull for twenty cows kena Guang a is a Paloma given a manual Nipigon check nama Cowboys a seaman and pull some reproductive Bart Nakao enough behind among breeders no feats that are mixed with 80% roughage or Yuma a guy in a rigid fiber such as corn silage and 20% concentrate that consists of vitamins protein to provide them with energy in Agawam baba bhai in two times a day i'm pato began a Manilla i David Balaji mailman nanika Baba all day long after so winning van Amana pili Barossa fattening I nearly liebe dich dosa fattening pan Dido mama Malaga at Madaba taba on Ibaka Hangang Salama boots are acquired wait 'no 532 550 kilos sinner segregating dijo al Malaki Samana by a name on fattening pan these pans consist of fattening cattle according to their weight with pen 6 as the starting point when they reach bend one this is the time that the cattle reached their required weight and is ready for slaughter feeding fasteners are just the same as feeding readers the same equation of their beats applies 80% roughage and 20% concentrate are given with water provided to them the whole day on different slang Napa memorandum on fasteners I will um limit on paka paka in salmonella ad libitum antowuk saba mama anita comes on like a lanthanum the guy Nampa guy in Simona pakka in an Amana fattener simply lung and Padma maintains a mulatto cattle RoR O'Neal Elena's Antonella feeder at Anthony Lange water gonnago a touring the Cowboys daily roving that happens every morning and afternoon in Aguadilla manure scraping Orion polygamist amalfi system Ibaka to maintain their pants clean in a pond Ito am a manure Nagina go on fertilizer


  1. Aamir Saeed Tajalli

    To be honest, i really feel pain seeing "hot numbering" the cows. Its very inhuman. Also, the farm was not built keeping in mind "animal welfare". When an animal is hungry it will eat feed in all conditions, so nothing special in that.

  2. Felix Conde

    I would like to start a cattle farm in mindoro. Confinement method 24/7. I have a 4 hectar lot where i intend to plant super napier for forage. I would like to start with 10 calve heifer and 1 bull. Im aiming to breed and raise cattle for beef purposes. How much would a package of 10 heifer and 1 bull cost, including all necessary technical support during start up? Appreciate your response. Thanks.

  3. Cabbage

    National Hughway, General Santos City
    General Santos; South Cotabato; Map
    Postal Code: 9500
    Tel: (083) 552 3651 / 307 0131 / (0923) 747

  4. Prasanna Karkera

    They are not Indian Indigenous Cows… So the milk is Obviously A1, Which is more harmful than useful… Indian breed Cow's ( With hump) milk ( A2) is best in the world , Which is selling for double the price in many western countries… In India cattles are beinv used mainly for agricultural purpose and milk is the byproduct… Traditional Grazing ( Grass) is a right way for Cattle farming

  5. ony2373

    This video inspires me to leave my USA life and settle for good here in Philippines to start cattle farming. In the video, the manager said they're willing to help those who want to start into this kind of business particularly those who would buy materials for breeding from them…. Was so excited… A little a week ago, my land area is almost finalized and so I tried contacting JOLISA… and my frustrations started. First, the number they provided on line is no longer available… My eagerness pushed me to search for another contact number. After so many tries, I finally got in-touch with Mr. Wasley Chua, supposed Manager/Owner… and added more of my disappointments when the latter told me that they are not really extending such kind of assistance for those who want to start cattle farming and that they are no longer selling their products for breeding. He's not that really accommodating so I hang up the phone with too much disappointments… Now, I'm on the search for another farm who are selling good breeds, not necessarily same breed as Jolisa's but any true hi-breed like the Brahman or Brahman X, etc.

  6. Benny Calaustro

    Anong breed ng baka ninyo will your bull be compatible with our semi brahman cows. How much for a1.5 year old bull? Do you ship them to your client. Salamat po

  7. saeed mohd

    im interesting in livestock trading business. please help me out in that. we may be a business partner (i live in uae, dubai) contact me please agribusiness management. thanks in advance

  8. Henry Rights

    ear tagging should be fine. dehorning, iron stamping are so cruel people. it's a shameful thing to hurt an animal unless it's for medicating reasons. these animals provide their lives for you, they deserve your respect


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