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Dave, you okay? Hey everybody Dave here coming at you from Killarney again It is roadtrip time. We’re renting this minivan with five other vloggers and bloggers. We’re going to drive up towards Galway I think we’re doing caving today, Actually. Here is our crew. This is Crystal, say hi to YouTube Hi, Kaleigh Vrithi This is John Barr go follow his channel Here is our fearless driver, he has never driven on the left side before.
Never driven on the left. We have insurance, so… wait wait wait. What is this? We have a tray table Awesome, now I need food Todd doesn’t know how to start it. There’s a lot of horse carriages in Killarney. We’ll never get out of this town Kaleigh is our radio controller from the back seat Alright, that’s enough *snicker* So our first stop is the famous Cliffs of Moher I really wasn’t expecting to pay admission it’s six euros per person Like when did that become a thing. like what am I paying for? I’m seriously paying to see a vertical drop in the earth. we have more vloggers here Lots of vloggers They’ve little shops lined up here. they’re like little Hobbit holes crystal are you psyched? Pumped This is the shot that everyone comes for The path goes like all the way off that ridge line. There’s people over there people still over there When natural landforms can still keep you connected to the Internet that’s about all I have time for today we have to get back and Meet up with our guide for today that will take us caving Here’s my tip for the cliffs of Moher Don’t park at the main parking lot. Park somewhere else and just hike in and get in for free bye, expensive parking lot How’s it going, Micheal, nice to meet ya Dave, how are we?
Great! Timing is immaculate boys, well done. I am ready to do this thing Are we all fueled up and ready?! Are we psyched yet? Are you psyched?!
Ready to cave How’s it driving on one lane roads? Easy.
oh good.
With no other cars coming Is this it? This is the parking? All right this is it. Looks like we’re gonna get geared up. I think I’ll have to switch to the GoPro because it’s raining Looking good, everyone Dave’s not ready yet No, not at all Dave go put on your stuff Kneepads and everything Yas ooh, oh not good This is the secret entrance to the cave This is exciting Going in Have to really watch your step, otherwise it’s basically quicksand up in here It’s like an enchanted forest everything’s covered in moss Incredible This place is freakin awesome so beautiful Right Todd? It’s crazy.
Isn’t it? this is like, Washington State.
Yeah, only better I think. Great place to live if you’re a leprechaun OOP *leprechaun accent*
Where’s my pot o’ gold? Looking for leprechauns too? *leprechaun accent*
They’re always after me Lucky Charms We’re going to enter it here.
I guess this is the entrance to the cave Make sure we have all hands on deck That’s the entrance to the cave. yeah, so we’re following the stream ok Now you want to pull that down.
oh, okay Nice knowing you Yeah, I’m behind you So far, not a great start Dave, you okay? Yeah, just gotta find my way Wiggle and wriggle Alright, were okay. Nothin to it There he is I feel like I’m being born! We’re having an awesome time just exploring in here So now we’re climbing up the rock? Make it happen All right down another tunnel So far this expedition is freaking awesome I couldn’t have asked for anything more. This is stuff that I live for this is… This is epic! We’re doing pretty good. Came in with six still have six Haven’t lost anyone yet Yet Now we’re squeezing in here Easy for Crystal Probably not so easy for the rest of us Good luck, Todd I’ll push you through if I have to Think skinny thoughts alright, my turn You got your foot in the right spot you gotta get your right foot onto that same ledge Daylight! get out before the cave monsters come That was awesome I’d do it again tomorrow, but we’re doing more awesome stuff tomorrow so that looks like something that Gollum would crawl out of I was an awesome time tight spaces and Wet boots, but it was awesome and we’re back in this beautiful forest Who’s gonna lead us out What? Who’s gonna lead us out? That way? We came in this way so we need to go this way Let’s go Back to where we came right? I think we’re lost we can’t decide where to go from here Kaleigh thinks this way. I think I think it’s that way. East! The plot thickens he’s not given any clues yeah, I don’t recognize like walking past here He said it was a loop Just start gathering food, we’ll just camp here tonight Sso we’re kind of blindly following just anybody who looks like a leader at the moment I mean it looks like something could possibly be paths, but they go in completely different directions Oh, yeah, cuz we walked on dry land so it’s over there This way you mean? Okay, so I guess this is the path we are taking. Who knows where it will lead Do you know?
I don’t know? Okay, I think we found where we entered this dang cave No, we didn’t enter from there She says no, let’s test this out Still no clues from him okay, that is the entrance. We have to find the direction we came from. This is an adventure We found the pallets These are the pallets we came in on. I think. There’s still no consensus here. It is, let’s go Crystal got knee-deep. Wriggle it out. Okay, you’re good. She’s still has her boot How was that? This is a jump for me Yeah, yeah right there, yeah, yeah And six Survivors we did the thing I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done A big thank you to Epic Ireland for this epic adventure Links to them plus all our crew in the description below Be sure to subscribe for more adventurous videos from Ireland and all around the world


  1. cbishop7777 Author

    OMG, Dave! You are so funny! Most epic comment … "I feel like I'm being born!" Trust me, it was NOT that much fun when you were born! 😉


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