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Celebrating 10 Years of Farming Simulator

Stefan had a childhood friend, Martin Bärwolf And he came up with the idea for the Farming Simulator
That’s when he approached me with the idea That’s when he approached me with the idea he said, agriculture, that would be
a great idea He also wanted this game for himself The idea of the game was simply great Stefan and I programmed it, we scripted We edited and recorded the sound We created the models, we built the map Defined the layout And the fields in the game just got bigger and bigger Stefan Geiger is the developer of the simulator Two years ago, he made his big breakthrough with the PC game Farming Simulator You need to keep developing it, where is the next version what comes next,
how will you continue? We have livestock of course,
it’s a big topic and multiplayer, I think, the fans will love it The simulation around agriculture and animal
husbandry is a hit So Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger and
Valtra will also be available in Farming Simulator We gave the tools that we used for the development of the game to the players The players have already developed mods for Farming Simulator 2008 And we thought it was super cool, that people did that Over the time a lot of people of the community, especially modders became members of GIANTS Software Roughly a third of the employees at GIANTS Software have been hired out of the community We now have a huge number of
players with over 15 million units sold worldwide
in over 18 different languages That’s just a huge number of players
and that’s just unbelievable At this point I would also like to
thank the community For the ten years – it’s been a long
road up to now And without you, we couldn’t have done it. We’ll tackle the next ten years and we’ll see where we go.


  1. Philipp Author

    Hab ls zwar erst beim ls13 entdeckt hab aber direckt denn 11 gekauft und veränderungen bemerkt, er ist und bleibt mein lieblingssimulator und kann euch loben da ich mit Landwirtschaft was zu tun hab und vom spiel beeindruckt bin

  2. The_1050 Vario Author

    das ist schon eine sehr lange Zeit…Ich selber weiß das ganz genau wie ich 2008 dazugekommen bin…sei es als Modder, Scripter, Skinner, Mapper und Sound-Authiast (privat aktiv und selber beigebracht) :D. aber wahnsinn ist das schon 😉 auf die nächsten 10 Jahre 😉 Lg The_1050 Vario p.s wie heißt die Musik 😉

  3. P&J Farming Author

    You guys made the game I was dreaming of making in 1996 (i was a student of computer science in university) but never thought it would interest a lot of players. And now i'm playing it with my 2 sons ! You guys did and are doing a great job !! Keep up the good work !!

  4. luke 88 [YT] Author

    Italy ok io senza pensarci ho visto video per 10 anni di farming simulator e sono ancora colpito di questo capo lavoro che state ancora facendo il mio primo farming e stato il 17 e dalla grafica che era dal 2009 sono stati miglioramenti pazzeschi continuate a farli fino al 2080 se è possibile ciao mi compro il 19 bella la grafica ciao

  5. Pomel Author

    Ihr müsst unbedingt das helfer system erweitern und verbessern.. so das jede arbeit von helfern vollrichtet werden kann.. ganz besonders das abfahren…!

  6. Aydan Hammers Author

    The oldest version I have played is farming simulator 13 but I first played 15 and the game has come so far it is my favorite game to play

  7. Jazzuno Mc Author

    Nice we all love FS and all of versions/games are good. I really love them all(Newest i played was 2013..) because i cant afford 15 but its ok i still love this game and i know later i will buy it for cheap and i still be able to play then you release 21 and i will play 19 and this will be great !!!!. i wont stop playing that game because its too awesome. i bought all games! till 2013. and i play this so much. about 5hours a day!

  8. Rezső Juhász Author

    Greeting! There are some suggestions for the FS 21: carrots, onions, leeks and finally irrigation would be good in the game. If they get into it then I'll be so happy. Until then I can not wait for the FS19.

  9. eiboeck auf YT Author

    Ich bin seit dem ls 2008 dabei und ich liebe dieses spiel jetzt noch wie kein anderes ich bin wirklich froh das mein vater mir damals den ls 2008 mitgebracht hat ich habe alle addons und spiele vom ls ^^

  10. Goliath_Gt Author

    Ich danke euch auch, bin echt begeistert von den Spiel! Zocke LS 17 auf PC und LS 18 auf den Smartphone, danke das ihr dieses projekt weitergemacht habt was dadurch ein super spiel geworden ist. Macht weiter so!

  11. Der Sauerkrautmann Author

    Ich bin stolz, das mein Schwager mir vor 9 Jahren auf seinem Geburtstag dieses einen Spiel gezeigt hat, das war der LS09. Es hat mir total viel Spaß gemacht, mit dem kleinen Lizard-Mähdrescher rumzufahren und zu ernten. Am nächsten Tag habe ich meine Mutter damit solange genervt, bis sie mir tatsächlich den LS08 gekauft hat. Es ist krass, einen vergleich zum jetzigen Spiel zu sehen, vorallem, wenn man sieht, wie der LS19 aussehen wird. 10 Jahre sind überhaupt keine kurze Zeit, und ich bin stolz, das ich jedes Spiel der Serie noch im Regal stehen habe. Ich bin mit dem Spiel groß geworden und freue mich auf die nächsten 10 Jahre damit! <3

  12. MJ Modding Author

    The game has been amazing and I have had hours of fun playing on it. Am glad my cousin showed me the game which was fs8 and I have had lots of fun making mods for the fs Community

  13. Jonathan Simpson Author

    I only started playing Farming Simulator yesterday and I'm enjoying it on console. The thing I love about GIANTS Software is that they care about the community enough to allow mods in their games.

    Yes, games like Call of Duty have mods on PC, but they're strictly for private lobbies.

    Farming Simulator doesn't seem to stop you from progressing if you have mods installed.

    Bethesda screw you over in the modding department because some of the mods make things easier.

  14. tgh savage Author

    Can you guys make it so the pickup tt double cab is available on console. Pc and Mac players get way more cool vehicles and toils then console players do not fair

  15. Sanghin Music Author

    Ho i remember the good ol landwirtschafts simulator 2008. I was 13 and i dreamed about a farming game. And since, i never stoped playing these games, a gift from the gods haha thank you so much and good job for the success

  16. Михаил Author

    I'm was born at 2004. Little after FS 2008 came out my dad was IN LOVE with it. He was playing it all the time. That's the only game he have ever played. Then he started teaching me how to play it. I loved it too. Then with the years I learned how to download games and I was downloading the new FS for him. We were playing them all the time until FS 2011. My laptop can't run anything after this game and sadly me and dad stopped playing it, but we still love the series and I'm happy to see your awesome new projects. Farming Simulator 2019 looks amazing!

  17. Karl The Fragr Author

    I still remember the first time i played Farming Simulator. It was at a lan, where one of the people there had a shall we say "not so legitimate" copy of FS2009 and 2008 that he passed around to the rest of us. Instantly got hooked because i'd always thought tractors and farming equipment was kinda cool ever since i was a kid. Then not long thereafter FS2011 hit steam and i bought a copy right away. Since then i've bought both 2011, 13, 15 and even some DLCs. Took a break from the series during FS17 but i'm looking forward to making a comeback when FS19 hits. It really is a great series 🙂

  18. ZuchtKatzenDaddy Author

    Ich weiss noch wie ich als kleiner Junge damals auf meinem ersten Pc den 2008er hatte und ab dem tag süchtig war und bis heute jeden vorbestellt hatte. Auf die nächsten 10 Jahre

  19. Outro Canal Author

    Farming só mudou do 2009 para o 2017 só os outros era do mods oficial adicionado pela Giants mudou nada 💔 Fassa um jogo novo Por favor vcs tem capacidade

  20. Marek Dirgas Author

    Farming simulator 2011 was my first game in my life since I bought a computer.And the nostalgia of those years since the newest farming came out, this is a lot of memories. that the worker moves strangely, does not take as it should, but still backs and does not take the whole line, it does not matter.It is really great game. (I write via google translator)


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