1. Chioma Iheme

    I really love this!! But I was just wondering, even though Mayan women and girls do the weaving, I think it would be cool if Mayan men and boys did the weaving as well. Why? Because I believe that knitting and crocheting and sewing and weaving should be for everybody!! Not just women and girls!! So come everybody! Get your weave, knit, crochet, and sewing on! Even if you are boys!!

    Update: I just found out that some Mayan men did do some weaving!!! That's good!! Now there should be more of those men weaving!!

  2. Darly Souza

    In order to preserve the techniques alive, they could focus on making tapestry instead of clothing, as that has more commercial value (internationally, at least). They could sell for a much higher price and this way help to support their families without so many struggles.

  3. Gladys R. White

    Thanks for sharing these stories. These persons/artisans are very intelligent indeed- what intricate designs they memorize. I has been a very important intervention that foreigners found a way to help them commercialize their beautiful art! They helped them survive. I am very touched by these documentaries. Perhaps they could set a time -during vacations – to teach their children their traditions, it would be terrible that all the knowledge they have would be lost! Have them learn and do some projects. The knowledge will stay with them all their lives. I love to see their smiles, enjoying what they do and wear.

  4. Julio Cesar

    can it be a way that this colorful traditions dont get lost , so if they use the ideas of the indigenous and hire them and weave the designs for industrial machines that could make this kind of fabric so the indigenous could still be dressing in their traditional colors at cheapest price

  5. Esmeralda Miguel

    aww I loveeeee this I'm Guatemalan but born in US I always wanted to learn this I wish there was videos that will teach the beautiful my an textiles and art. thanks for posting this 😊!


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