1. MauricioEATZ

    Hello I am planning to make a short film this summer and it would be great if you could give me permission to use this in the film I really like the song and it would fit the vibe a lot please get back to me with your response as soon as possible. THANKY YOU

  2. Brandon Pankle

    2 years later and i'm still enjoying it like the very first time i lost to this song .i love this song and your music please continue to make amazing music.

  3. Joe Whitlow

    I don't get it…. Bernie 2020 though. Clintons are right wing corporate trash and that's all I could think about while watching this.

  4. Gunner Dohrenwend

    I didn't know old people doing the Macarena would fit so well with this chill indie rock song, but I dig it. Godspeed Ceramic Animals.

  5. Keven Rivera

    What in Tarnation!? This didn’t get millions of views !!!??? Shame, I remember hearing this on an advertisement… I believe it was a car commercial 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Lauren Bober

    This was my FUCKING JAM last year and I just spent a half hour scrolling through my 3500+ YouTube Favorites to find this gem. I'M HAPPIER THAN WORDS CAN SAY

  7. Papa Sephora

    I want to cordially say I am blessed to find this band. Me and and the guy I love all sit on the couch and listen to ceramic animal and just talk. I love this band and every person behind it.


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