Ceramic Artist Crafts Hobbit-Inspired Woodland Mugs

I kind of have to decorate something within an inch of its life or I'm not happy there's not a whole lot of resting areas for your eye I kind of go straight Gatti with it and just decorate it top to bottom the inspiration for my work is always woodland it's always things like seed pods mushrooms decaying logs regrowth things you might find into a rock things you might find growing under leaves or in a brush that you might skip over if you're not paying attention to where you're going just little things half my mugs are wheel thrown and then significantly altered after the fact and then the other half of my pieces are just completely hand-built I like to pinch the clay put forms together to make mugs or vases or incense burners I like that mark that is left where you can tell it's handmade it's refined but you can tell that it's not some manufactured store-bought thing anytime somebody says my work reminds them of like the Hobbit or Fern Gully or something like that like my mission has been accomplished there's so many variations that can affect what comes out when you open the kiln so that is kept me interested it's kind of like a little Christmas surprise every time you look because you don't know what you're gonna get no matter how many years you've been doing it


  1. Schranzcops

    The work on these are amazing! I wonder if there is anyway to purchase these! Iโ€™d love to support her! The name of the song would be nice too!

  2. Katlynn Estelle

    amazing artwork, I'm gonna buy a mug from her whenever I see one I like on her Etsy. I also REALLY want to know what those two songs are. The second has a clarinet, bassoon, and flute, but that's all I can tell from it. If anyone else knows more about the music it would help my search!


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