1. intra morph

    if you put ceramic bearings in your hubs the steel inside the hub will wear out and you will have grooves from those bearings in no time…. it's not an upgrade it's a disaster waiting to happen… not sure about you but i have loose bearings inside my bike bottom bracket and hubs and it's really not a good idea putting ceramic in steel race…

  2. Gjldo

    hybrid is an improvement over a standard bearing…. that's a nice joke

    brought to you by the same ppl that has no clue of what Abec and CL are

  3. Ronn Rider

    Just bought a set of the ceramic carbon jockey wheels and they run beautifully. Bottom bracket is next. Great vid bro. SUBSCRIBED👍🏾

  4. Phillip Tran

    I have a lemonds bike. It say's 137,68 on the bottom bracket. can I get ceramic bottom bracket for it? I'm kinda confused one which one to get.

  5. Romania de azi

    here are cheap bearings… http://www.aliexpress.com/af/bearing-25x37x6mm.html?ltype=wholesale&d=y&origin=n&isViewCP=y&catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20160605065058&SearchText=bearing+25x37x6mm

  6. jonthedoors

    Top tip for Andrew – put the bike on the ground when loosening bottom brackets. You put less stress on the frame and you can push down into the floor for leverage

    Poor sod


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