1. Rockline

    Kuch khaas nahi hay ceramic coating.sirf marketing gimmick.mujhe lagta hay ceramic sirf clear coat hay Jo bike painting ke baad final finish Kiya jatahay.


    Plz dont listen to this guy. He has zero knowledge and is talking bullshit. Thinner will break and ruin your paint. Rubbing alcohol is used to clean paint not thinner. Stop spreading wrong info for the sake of views.

  3. Shridhar Powar Sivaji

    Dude.. Please get educated on ceramic coating application process first… Before touching ceramic coating to any surface you have nearly 7 to 8 steps MINIMUM required eg: remove deposits, iron decontamination, tar removal, oxidation removal, swirl removal, residue wipe down, apply ceramic primer etc etc.. Process takes nearly 5 to 6 hrs MINIMUM before applying ceramic coating.

    Please do not misguide your followers and make them lose trust on ceramic coating..

  4. Akshay Vats

    Bhai tu maan ya mt maan ceramic coating machines se hoti h aise bkwaas products se nhi. Aur baaki hmaari jnta smjhdaar h. Ykeen na ho to product use krlo fir ykeen ho jaayega


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