Ceramic Coating My Forged Wheels

hey guys what is up Austin you're a key bowtie guy 97 today's video what I started it earlier but the weather was kind of intermittent there with the rain and everything so what kind of start and midway through the process but if you see my wheels and tires are back here in the bed of the truck and not on the truck kind of blowing all these beautiful set of 17-inch stock newer body style wheels I can't even use the center caps because my lug nuts are spline drive but what is happening is I'm taking the wheels and tires way across town to a shop that is going to ceramic coat them you're probably familiar with ceramic coating and maybe quote you know you do it's hired vehicles you can do wheels and stuff like that well given that these wheels are so hard to keep looking good because they are a fourth wheel he's gonna polish them up and ceramic coating them so I don't have to keep fighting with keeping them clean all the time and polishing them because it takes so much time and it's like actually expensive to keep buying the polish to keep cleaning these things up because I want them clean since I want them clean almost all the time so it's worth for me to take these to the shop get them ceramic coated and not have to deal with it for the rest of season it's also going to protect them a little bit better too so it's all around a good idea but we're gonna get the truck here we're gonna go to Big Lake rod and customs out in Salem which is beside Roanoke Virginia which is where I'm from and they are going to have a store a couple days and get them polished up but before we get going as always follow me over at Austin oh for underscore z71 got the new decals back here finally looks a lot better a little bit bigger than the other ones but further ado let's go ahead and get started alright guys just got here too big and it's gonna leave them the tires it's not really much to see until they get done what I meant to mention in the intro is riding over here and I was thinking if you're not fooling with ceramic coating if you see this video it's like on Instagram and Facebook where they pour the water all like the hood or the fender of a car and it just disappears that's pretty much what's getting done to these it's a completely hydrophobic you know protection and everything like that it's pretty scratch resistant as well so you know that's why I'm getting it done I wonder where they're gonna shine better it's gonna be cleaner it's you know it's just all-around gonna be better so I'm gonna back up here to the garage door I load them here and then I'll pick back up the camera hopefully they got them done Thursday it might be Friday and I'll finish out the video on those so you know they're not gonna quite look the same we look a whole lot better when I come pick them up all right guys so it is like two weeks after I did the ceramic coating and I was gonna finish it when I picked them up but I was going out of town like the morning after I picked them up and everything and they they threw the wheels and the tires on for me so before I even finish out this video huge shout out to the guys over there bailing custom Kurt was awesome got him coated look great my buddy sack he works there he put him on for me they didn't have to put him on for me but they did really make my life easy because it was pissin rain that day so that was another reason why I really couldn't do the video anyway because it was raining but then we I took a trip down to Raleigh and I got to thinking you know would it be better to finish this video after a couple of weeks we'll see how it held up and all it has done is rain so that's that's really why I got them coated anyway to make them easy to clean up so I'll go ahead and show you guys here they're dirty right now and that's a good thing because I want them dirty because I want to show you guys just how easy these things are to clean you see here they've got I mean up and down the interstate to work I've got a little bit of mud on them some rain road grime this that and the other and I'm gonna show you guys just how easy it is to clean this now if this was before I got them ceramic coated I would be cringing because I would have to wash the wheel I'd have to get polish out white polish it up maybe some others that some Zephyrs just to give them a shine back up it would take me an hour to do all four I mean at least an hour to do all four but I'm going to show you just how easy ceramic coating makes to clean vehicle's wheels and especially especially a polished aluminum wheel like this one where you it is so hard to keep them looking perfect and clean so I'm gonna throw the camera up here on the tripod and I'm gonna show you guys what I'm gonna use to clean it and you guys are gonna see just how easy it is now to clean these wheels alright guys here's a dirty wheel why don't we be using to clean it is Adams just detail spray you can use anything looking glass cleaner or detail spray doesn't have to be Adams if you've got a forged wheel your what your your sitting there and wondering how the heck I'm gonna clean a fourth wheel what detail spray cuz this would do nothing but make it worse if it wasn't if it didn't have ceramic coating on it you would just end up with this awful haze if you're trying to wipe your wheels down with this got really actually this is a little bit excessive for a wheel especially one that's thirty I kind of hate that I'm using this towel but this is all I could find in between rain here to get this video made well it's just the microfiber towel and some detail spray and I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna spray the wheel down take the rag I'm gonna get in here white and I'm gonna tell you guys before I had this done this stuff would not be coming off like this it would be stuck in here on the wheel it would take you know like I said the polish Zephyrs polish some others palming you're looking at it right now and seeing how shiny we're already getting and all I've done is just wiped it okay go over it just buff it just a little bit and just like that days of driving on the rain the roads and everything like that the wheel is clean nice and clean and slick it is just that easy if you've got a forge wheel I mean hopefully you're watching this you see got to get it done this is awesome but not have to be wiping this thing down with polish and going in and out of the wheels if you've got a buffer or we're doing it all by hand this is so easy he did all my spokes here to face the wheel lift and all that all coated came off super easy you can see how easy it is how clean it looks it is so easy now to clean these this would work on a painted wheel obviously an aluminum wheel I guess a steel wheel you know if you were trying to keep it clean but you know wheels are the most time-consuming thing really all my truck that clean I can clean though I can clean the whole trunk almost as fast as I was taking to polish these wheels before I got them coated and now look at that that is slick now I'm gonna go get some water we're gonna do the water test on it so you guys can see kind of the hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coat all right so I know you guys have seen the videos where people dump the water and it all just disappears well there you go dumped it up here ran down all of its out it's gonna kind of sit in the lip because the lip obviously doesn't isn't tilted enough to drain but water does not I mean it just comes right off it just goes to show that nothing was really gonna stick to this wheel that you can't just wipe off before if I was to do this on my wheel before I got him ceramic coated if I let this drive would end up with all these little dried water spots everywhere this is not gonna dry like that you can see that's gonna just dry up you're not gonna see where the water spots were cuz it can't stick to the wheel so you know this is this was so worth it I hope if you're on the fence about it you saw this video you know it seems like a good idea to you because it was a great idea it was like it cost me $200 there for two hundred dollars to have them coated and everything like that so I think that was a pretty fair price I know it's a little bit costly if you get the kit you might do it yourself but you know something a bit of time to get it all done yourself so there you go guys easy to clean hydrophobic and I'm glad I waited till now to finish up the video so you guys could really see how easy it is to clean a dirty wheel when it's ceramic coated so there you go ceramic coating on a wheel so so worth it if you've got a forged wheel I definitely recommend getting a polished up and coated so easy to clean a painted wheel I know my buddy Graham got just his painted wheels done and just a whole it just makes it so easy you know if you've got to paint a wheel it adds a protection to to keep from scratching so it's definitely worth it if you want to keep the wheels looking like new and you know you're just so tired of taking so much time to clean your wheels on your truck car whatever it's so worth it I appreciate you guys watching check out the other videos on the channel a lot of cool videos coming hit that subscribe button go check me out on Instagram like I said the beading at Austin oh four underscores he said anyone that I mean down in the description below if you're in the area and you want to get this done check out Big Lick customs over there Kurt did an awesome job when they put all their information down in the description below I cannot thank them enough for how fast you got it done how great it looks it's just definitely awesome definitely worth it I'm excited to see how long it lasts and it's just I'm just so so happy I got it done it looks awesome couldn't be any couldn't be any happier so thanks again to him I appreciate you guys watching as always take care and have a great day [Applause]



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  2. M W

    Dong that is a awesome !! I’m buying 22” American Force next month and I’m glad I watched this video cause I almost didn’t want to purchase them .200$ for 5,000$ wheels that’s not bad and super worth it . Thanks for the video

  3. Victor TN

    Ceramic coating takes away some of the shine I prefer just polishing even tho it takes me like 4 hours if I fully polish the wheels lol but ceramic coating is worth it if you don’t want to spend much time polishing the wheels

  4. Alexis Valle

    I’ve got some old school weld racing forged wheels and I feel your pain. Constantly polishing them. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but couldn’t find any feedback on how it would work on polished wheels. Do they have the same shine as raw aluminum?


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