1. Dinesh Vaidya

    इसकी जो किमत है इतनेमे पुरी गाडी फुल क्वालिटी पेंट हो जाएगी और कुछ पैसे बचेंगे भी।

  2. manish khapare

    Pathetic scene of detailing..!
    How could you polish a car without washing and claying it first.
    And look at the way bhaiyyaji doing strokes of polisher on the paint surface – no pattern followed.
    Horrible hafazard strokes.
    This is how ONE SHOULD NOT COAT A CAR.

  3. Polish and Passion

    No washing, no decontamination like iron removal, no claying before polishing. Secondly used Chinese unbranded polisher.The person has no knowledge to handle the polisher. Swirl marks still there. Did not use any polish remover from the surface before coating application. And finally applied relabeled coating from China. Will not last for a week even and they talk 5 years. Please dont spoil the name of detailing industry.

  4. Nikhil Vasishta

    "Mud water pe kapda maarna hain" :O, this guy is a nut job. i hope the Audi owner sees this video and turns out to be a "Delhi wala" and takes this idiot to court.
    anyway, this is why you should trust the experts and not a local guy who thinks he knows better.

  5. Gagan Saini

    Lol coated but without car wash and FYI this water parl same work on F1 polish so no difference at showed ceramic coating waste of money with this dealer


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