Ceramic Coating your Car and Wheels – Watch This Before You Buy It!


  1. Ron Lyscas

    I had my 1978 Trans Am coated with polyurethane while it was still new(under 300 miles). No eagles or toy car decals on a deep-deep metallic blue car. The polyurethaning treatment was 10 times more attractive and deeply glass almost wet looking than my, just purchased, Chrysler 300 Limited in a deep-deep red velvet color that was just ceramic coated by expensive pro's, and the Trans Am was done 39 years ago. I don't know how that is an improvement after 4 decades of research. I would rather strip this coating and go back to the spray-paint-like application of my Trams Am that looked like liquid glass for 5 years for $250.00. Ceramic coating is a fad that I hope disappears from the market soon for the old lacquer or polyurethane coating of the 70's.


    New pro paint and clear coat and left my M-B to cure for six weeks in heated garage. After curing I PH-neutral washed it, then clay barred it, air-blower dried and let it further air dry in garage. Then alcohol wiped the car before applying two coats of ceramic sealant. Finally, the coating cured indoors for two more days…. Now my Benz looks brilliant… better than new!
    P.S. Cost DIY less than $200 for 50ml of ceramic and good micro-fiber towels.


    I definitely love the benefits of ceramic coatings and the unparalleled gloss but i would say ceramic coatings are not for everyone and not for daily drivers. Many people are under the impression that these ceramic coatings are swirl proof and scratch proof but i have seen first hand swirls already appearing in the coating that had at least 3 layers applied. Of course you don't take a ceramic coated vehicle through an automatic wash and neither a hand wash because over time the swirls start to develop. A great product to use as maintenance is optimum no rinse which is well lubricated. I live in nj and we do not have many touchless washes which is ideal for a ceramic coated vehicle but i just wanted to bring up the fact that no ceramic installer can answer my one question. Which is how do you get the snow off of a ceramic coated vehicle? It snows heavy sometimes in nj and i see many people with ceramic coated vehicles using that snow brush and end up seeing the damage in the coating. So all in all just to add to this vehicle. The ceramic coating investment is not for everyone or for someone who does not have a garage as i would assume living in states that experience all four seasons and leaving your car exposed to the elements. This would surely wear off the coating faster and also develop defects in the coating.

  4. Sniper Paint Correction

    One benefit always missed out on that I love is the drying process.. drys very easy.. if you use air. You're are litterally chasing beads of water around lol

  5. Im.Check

    in all my research of the dozen or so manufacturers Ceramic Coats are smoke n mirror product. What I mean is the hype is huge. Silica Ceramic is NOT wax. Its crystaline sand diluted in a sulphiric acid and splitting off junk and broken down to its finest atomic structure basically a slush. A delivery solution usually water or alcohol is added typically 80-90%. when dried it leaves a Nano layer of silica. And there ya go. Abrasiveness will wear the coat off. It is a UV blocker. And not all So called Ceramic Coats are that. SiO2 is a true silica coating. If its not SiO2 doesn't mean its not a good or great coating.

  6. Alessandro Laterza

    Hi Lethal,

    I would like to get your opinion on this company and the product that they advertise:
    Is this same of ceramic coat ? They call nano ceramic technology. Please send me a message to [email protected]

    THanks in advance

  7. Get Roofied!

    So many uneducated comments here about coating. Jesus.
    1) it will last at least 2-4 years pending on how you treat it, elements etc.
    2) is wax and sealant cheap? Yes. Does it last? No. It's not worth trying to explain the comparison. Go read.
    3) yes, it's really ceramic coating. It's silica Si02. You don't need a fucking kiln. Smdh.
    4) it keeps water and and bird droppings from etching into your paint.
    5) if you want it removed, a MF pad with a M100 compound removes it. You don't need a new paint job.

  8. Jose Cruz

    The problem for me thus far is finding a reputable shop that will do an Excellent job. Those shops I’ve contacted raised too many Red flags.

  9. John Capizola

    Thanks ,I've always valued your opinion but more so now that I finally purchased my 2SS. As far as this vlog is concerned , I think that I will do my wheels for now and put the "savngs" into a cold air induction. Do you or anyone out there have any other fealings about my decision?


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