Ceramic Coatings – Hype or Hot? – Ceramic Coating Negatives


  1. Justin Chilton

    We've had some b***ard pour paint stripper over our car, it has not touched the paint but has for want of better word melted the ceramic coating, I've tried machine polishing it but it's not really doing much, is there a liquid that you can use to strip the ceramic coating

  2. marcus fox

    If you live on a farm and have lots of dust on the roads then this will not work at all. I found in these conditions that Autoglym ultra high definition does the trick if you deal with dust as like me in Australia. I found that with my last car I placed a ceramic coating on and it died in 6 weeks. Not sure why. Maybe it could be dust. I prefer polishing

  3. Ben Leone

    Well said!!! They sell a lot of coatings here. My question is? What is wrong with the factory clear coat? We all know ….. nothing. really about the marketing, and even more about the $$$$. Fifty years in business….. way before the inception of the word "detailing" was ever a thought. I NEVER mislead my clients. That is how I have survived for 50 years. Home of The "invisible Garage Protection Tm. r. since 1969! Great informative video! Can I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge? How about a coating….. flip a coin, to see how much. This week…. 1250.00, what a steal. Usual price 1850.00. What is next?

  4. DrSiech

    I look many detailling channels and finally one has spoke about the negativites of the creamic coatings 🤩Specially about the repainting and recoating after that, its pain in the ass. Thanks for that!! 👍
    By the way, is there any product who can wash the ceramic coating away or do we really have to polish it?
    Thanks buddy

  5. Bonita Paint correction and Detailing

    I have been doing paint correction and auto detailing for 25 years. body and paint work for 2 years professionally. I love your channel. its nice to freshen up on what I already know and learn new things. I have been telling my customers to stay away from ceramic and especially silicone coatings, They make it very hard fix imperfections and god forbid if I have to paint and blend the panel. These coatings are hell in the body shop.

  6. jimmy publicupload

    Cleaning alloy wheels is always a time consuming process. Have you coated alloy wheels with ceramic coating and what did you think ?

    Given smaller surface areas, poorer application probably would not matter as much as on large body panels. It surely would pay dividends over the laborious task of wheel cleaning regime.

    I do like the waxing and trying different products so probably will not use ceramic coating for body as a hobby detailer.

    I have just finished detailing my wheels using ceramic coating and whilst it was a time consuming project to prep, was fairly straight forward to apply. Will install on car after a few days when it has cured.

    Great information on the video by the way!

  7. Jusb1066

    remember 'mer' polish would protect the car from lighted fuel? lol, another scam product that is merely no better than regular car wax with a lot of downsides

  8. mohammed hazim

    I searched the net to find an unbiased report about ceramic coating. I couldn't find any…because all of the reports are made by people working in car detailing so of course they will not advice people against using the nano coating.
    If these are helpful it would be advised by the car manufacturer.
    All these videos aims at making people spend their money to an extra layer that is not necessary if not harmful

  9. easterguts

    Thanks for your honest views. There is so much hype around ceramics that I had been thinking of applying to our cars. Not because I hate waxing etc but because I thought gloss etc results would be better. Will stick to my waxing (Naviwax) regime with Bead Maker or another spray as a topper to maintain protection.

  10. Random Acts of Video

    My car stays cleaner and is easier to clean after using GTechniq coatings. I have to say it's still cheaper to use than the Swissvax I was using before.

  11. Audidude

    I have 4 cars, not counting my race car, which doesn't get more than average cleaning…. 3 of them are collectibles not driven a lot, full time garaged, and I love spending time with polish and waxes on those ('90 Audi ur quattro 20V, Tornado red, 2003 996 911 C2 manual, Basalt Black metallic, and '96 JDM Honda DC2 Integra Type R, Championship White.). They will never get a ceramic and this video brilliantly explains why. However my daily driver is a MY19 VW Touareg, black metallic, and that has had Fireball Dok Do ceramic coating by a Pro shop, including the wheels. It stays amazingly clean, is a breeze to clean with snow foam and occasional Fireball Hydrophobic finishing foam. For a utility vehicle such as this I think ceramic well worth considering,as long as you're obsessive about how you clean it. Here's my clip on washing the Touareg and result:

  12. Luyen Dao

    What about sealants? If you can’t or don’t want to do a ceramic coating (in my case not sure it’s worth the cost).

    Aren’t sealants the best of both worlds? Cheap, easy to apply, durable and then just wax on top.

    Any thoughts.

  13. Tori Thorleifsson

    I used a ceramic coating, that supposed to last for 3 years max, only 1 single coat. I live in a quite harsh enviroment with lots of rain, salt, snow and wind. It's now been 3 years, and it time to apply again. Best thing you can do for your car. For most cars, it does even give a deeper gloss for most colours.

  14. Makoi 02

    Here in Philippines there a detailing shop claiming that they a coating that has 10h pencil hardness called atom6 carbon composite coating. Im bit skeptic on it. 🤔

  15. netnoob77

    Thanks for listing down the negatives. I was thinking of installing a ceramic coating on my daily vehicle but now I am not so sure. I do appreciate that the coating gives an additional of protection, doesn't mar as easily as the clear coat as well as makes it easier to clean, but I am live in a country with significant amount of rainfall and sunny weather, which makes water spotting a significant concern. Also, if get into a minor fender bender or I get scratches on my vehicle, it makes it that much more troublesome to rectify.

  16. marios kosmidhs

    sir i love your videos as many times i had said that!!!!!!
    There is an aspect on the ceramics that rear i hear on videios witch is adding cost to the procedure drasticly
    and this is ……..the REMOVAL cost. After 2-3-4…e.t.c years after the first application the coating needs to be removed and maybe cusyomer need to reapply it, this demands heave machine polishing, and the …apply it again or apply just wax-seal……but the removal cost is been added to the original cost ….and that is something pros rearly or not mention it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    another of my considerations is that……if when apply and remove to re-apply any ceramic coat the car need to modertae-or heavily corrected……this cannit be again and gaina and again after 2-3-4 years because in the decate the car youd me alrady correcte 3-4 times!!!!!!!!!

    (in my country customers do not change car every 3-4 years but to 10-15 years)
    also in the lifetime of the coating ypu cannot even do a light polish, or an AIO polish just to correct some swirlss from the washibng process because…yes it will be easier to wash but….you have to wash the car sometimes…and even you are very carefull n the washing process during the time you will defently produse some marring , swirrls ……….lighter because of the coat ….byt they are still here.

  17. Tim Dixon

    Great video…. I’ve just ordered a new car and have been offered a ceramic coating. However, I’m not sure I need it. I’m in the U.K, do about 8k miles a year, keep the car garaged and cleaned probably once a month. I’m beginning to think a professional Valet and Wax a couple of times a year in addition to regular monthly cleaning ought to be sufficient?

  18. Paul Thompson

    I’m like you buddy, I love doing a full detail on my car. It’s very therapeutic. I’ll spend all day doing a full detail but it’s worth it as my car looks great for months and is so easy to do in between washes. Thanks again for your videos and your fair insights😉

  19. SGriffin597

    Great video with awesome advice and objectivity! How do ceramic's work on your lights and windshield? How do wipers react? Do you use the same base coat on glass and rims? Thanks, Scott

  20. Bryan Sage

    I have been unable to get this question answered. When the useful life of the coating reaches its end. Must it then be professionally removed completely? Creating additional cost prior to reapplication??

  21. saiiiiiii1

    What are possible reasons for a ceramic coating to fail prematurely? I did everything according to gyeon's manual except that I used 50/50 IPA to degrease (2x). The coating was gone on the back of the car after only 6 weeks.

  22. Tim

    I really like waxing. So i only coated my front bumper and mirrors against insect and bug damage. A wax simply does not offer that protection.

  23. E Monday

    @ForensicDetailingChannel You claim there isn’t a “wax” or “sealant” for CarPros ceramic products when there is and maybe your not aware but it’s called CarPro Essence Plus, it’s amazing stuff and it’s great for keeping up the ceramics integrity every three months along with using reload each wash. Please check it out for yourself and maybe review it if you feel like it. Keep up the awesome videos!

  24. Willy Pitty

    I bought a Pkg of cquartz UK 3.0 BUT thought about it again today and your reason no 4 is what I decided to not put it on…. I really do not want something that semi permanent on the paint and what if I decide to use the next wonderful coating a couple of years from now…:

  25. marios kosmidhs

    Hello sir, let me asknif anyone knows….the cerim.coatings has any average self life??? I mean that..after 2-3-4 years they need the car heavy compund and polish toremove them.and then re apply them???


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