Ceramic Coatings vs Waxes: Is the CAR WAX Obsolete?


  1. FRESHevo

    remember be careful with Ceramic Coatings ex: if you scratch your car bumper or anything that has that coating you need too remove the entire coating of that section you cant do spot corrections some can get so thick you even have to sand it off maintaining a Ceramic Coating is a lot harder then a wax

  2. Angad C

    Great Video Mate.. in Mumbai, ceramic costs about 450 $ and a coat of wax/sealant costs 40$…Still cheaper to do a wax every 3 months but I totally agree the part that ceramic saves time.

  3. Lawrence Fearon

    Gloss though is the whole point of finishing. If a concours level wax is shinier then it's worth doing for maximum visual impact.

  4. jeremybutler88

    Ceramic is great sure because it last longer. But what Intel you have to remove it you have to sand the car down completely. Huge cost. And if you are paying someone to do it 5000 grand bye bye ever 2 years. Or $150 in wax ever 2 years. Also your high damage area you can touch up in 10 min and not have to do a hole car.

  5. John W

    sounds like one is DIY, and the other you call in a professional to do. How much is your time worth? every 6 month spending 1 weekend applying wax seems like a good enough for me over a $2k job. And then when you do scratch up the ceramic eventually, it's gonna be more money to remove it and re apply.

  6. davidsonnow

    WHY did you not even mention the self-healing coatings?? Any scratches literally disappear in seconds. And you call yourself a detailer???

  7. stanimal8

    Does the ceramic coating provide any UV protection? All I've see is water beading up, but I don't think that necessarily indicate ANY UV protection.

  8. Edwin V

    Waxes are here to stay, Ceramic coating are still expensive dont see them being sold at Walmart's and autozones. On a professional detailer level this is making money and maintenance washes easier.

  9. Gareth Dyos

    I get why ceramic coatings are becoming popular but part of the fun of owning a car is caring for it by polishing and waxing it! I would really miss that, that's why im sticking with wax!

  10. F-150 KING OF TRUCKS

    after ceramic coating your vehicle can you still wax it with carnuba wax even if it dose not need it..and how much is it too do a f-150

  11. es3502012

    I actually just spent a few hundred bucks on a duo-action polisher and a bunch of the compounds, i think I would still use wax and sealants for the parts of the car that aren't PPF protected. I do travel on the highway a lot, I will most likely do PPF for the hood and front bumper, but for the rest, I will still wash, polish, and seal myself. Maybe applying ceramic coating to the wheels is an option so i wont have to clean the wheels as often.

  12. Minister of Fresh

    What are you doing when a customer's car has been hit, damaged, scratched or chipped really bad and they now want paint correction and re application?

  13. wax on

    I have two vehicles. One I have applied a ceramic coating the other I wax on a regular basis. I prefer waxes as it gives a much warmer glow to the paint. Coatings have a cold look to them. Also coatings can be a pain to apply, where as a wax is more of a therapeutic experience. They also smell nicer and can be applied to a car even if it doesn't have perfect paint.

  14. R m

    I've used all three and waxes are still my favourite.
    I enjoy taking time to wax my car on a regular basis.
    I enjoy the smell and experience of applying the wax.
    Wax also gives you a richer, deeper finish.
    Ceramic coatings and sealants don't give me that experience.

  15. denvernn

    My detailer has been telling me about ceramic coatings. My hesitation is I am worried about it being applied incorrectly. Can ceramic coatings cause more harm than good if applied incorrectly?

  16. audi obsession

    I used CQUARTZ on my Audi TTRS. It is a day and night difference vs. Wax and you definitely will notice at the car wash. Ceramic Pro is a more permanent solution while CQUARTZ lasts for about a year – year and a half. Still, totally worth it. But always remember that you have to do a good paint correction prior to apply any coating! 🙂

  17. Andy Sse

    Good video. I just started using sealants on car paint. They last longer than caranuba waxes. I've tried ceramic on headlights and rims. They work great!

  18. Peter Wood

    I'm all about sealants with the odd wax for fun. Actually using meguairs ultimate sealant wax/paste. Waxes in general last 4-6 weeks only in UK

  19. MTobin1000

    great video. I learned a lot about sealants and coatings. I've got a specific detailing question for you….I actually use the Meguires Gold Class carnauba wax on my black C Class. If I wash my car, on average, twice weekly how frequently should I wax the car. ( I've been doing it quarterly). Thanks for the advice. The R8 looks killer by the way. Well done !!! (Mike in Ohio)

  20. Hugo Pedro

    What do you do to remove the rest of the clear coat after 2 years? How do you paint correct by then? Do you need to keep using ceramic coat?


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