Ceramic flowers style Capodimonte


  1. brian o sullivan

    Hello I do simular work to you in porcelain I have a problem I use slip with common table salt to stick the leaves and flowers on but have trouble with some popping off during drying and the leaves curl up at the tips I use gum in the clay I use to make the flowers any other slip mixture I could try to ensure flowers stay on thank you Brian in Ireland

  2. Krishna Parekh

    Very nice… I also made it some one pots .. But here cant anyone bye thi . So plz contect with me..
    My mobile num is :* 8200952258
    My name is * Krishna parekh .

  3. uuutwohere

    The skill to produce those peace's is second to none and they are really beautiful but i wonder were the market is for them. To me they look like something from a bygone era, they look old fashioned not something people would have in their homes today. They obviously sell or they wouldn't make them, i would love to know who buys them.

  4. Mayte Felix

    Que hermoso trabajo.. Me gustaría que se pongan de moda. Ya. No lo venden en las tiendas.. Deben de yacer cosas par las decoraciones modernas. Par que no queden en los recuerdos

  5. Danilo Rigon

    they use a transparent clay composed by silicium, the same component of glass, then the put in a kiln for a firing of 980 celsius degrees, this is the reason why the glaze is so shining and the colors so nice, this type of glaze give a duration of the colours for hundreds years, if I tell you hundreds is to say many hundreds

  6. Danilo Rigon

    Dear Charley, this type of clay is very plastic and doesn't contain any chemistry part, is a soft white natural clay, for this reason they can work for hours making flowers and I ensure that their hands are nice with a soft skin


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