Ceramic sculpture


  1. Jalynne Fuentes

    Ears, lilies, brains, galaxies, corals & sponges. Mesmerizing! It's like she can bend space or add a fourth dimension. If I have a quarter of her talent, my aquarium fishes will have the best man-made shelter in the world.

  2. lostin time

    I'm sorry but i don't see the beauty in it. The colors are drab. Kinda reminds me of a flamenco dancers dress only not as dramatic

  3. Ирина Заварухина

    Какой материал используется для создания этого произведения?

  4. alphanash

    Beautiful. Like a exotic flowers.

    I wonder if the artist paints any of them?
    I think bright colours would look amazing on these sculptures

  5. Michele G

    I clicked on this because of the finished product. I love painting ceramics.
    I had the fortune of going to a factory in Turkey where they make Turkish china, called Çin (pronounced Chin). It's fine and light like bone china but can be used like pottery.
    I wish there where music or talking for this video.
    I don't think that most people realize that the ceramic industry in Europe was only possible with involvement of the Ottoman empire.

  6. นาruto Chanel

    Mu Xiangang, a resident of Huamao village, Guizhou province, works a bit of pottery on a wheel. [Chen Zebing/China Daily] Zhang Shengdi, an entrepreneur in Fengxiang, Guizhou province, has been operating to revive papermaking-her part in the combat in opposition to poverty-ever on the grounds that President Xi Jinping visited Huamao village in June 2015. Huamao falls below the administration of Fengxiang, that's a part of the bigger Zunyi town.


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