Ceramic tutorial – Using iron oxide wash on bisque-fired pottery


  1. Vladimir Nuñez Tolin

    first of all thank you for sharing your knowledge and endangering your camera ! Then my question : I've coated some white clay bisque with iron oxide wash and then coated with a very clear glaze (1 dip 4sec; 1,45 sg) and noticed after 2nd fire (1240ºC electric kiln) that most of iron oxide color is at least "diluted" many times disappeared. Where did it go ? Fused and sunk in the body ? Diluted in the glaze ? I cannot rationalize any chemical reaction with the glaze in the neutral kiln atmosphere. Thank for sharing any idea or experience.

  2. Karen A. Scofield

    A most heartfelt thank you! Most informative and illustrative bit on how to do an iron oxide wash, what's in that wash, and how to handle it and your bisque item!


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