1. Jesus Contreras

    awesome vid bro, i made one at ceramics class back in highschool, Mr.Wavioli was very cool, do u do orders on those? I'm in Nashville

  2. Vanity

    When I was taking pottery in highschool I was the teachers favorite student. When we first started one of our assignments was a coil pot. Everything about mine was perfect except there was a small hole towards the bottom. The teacher didn’t notice this until the pot had dried and ready to be fired. Surprisingly it actually got but when she had started taking everything her exact words were “WHO MADE A BONG?!” Nobody snitched on me but I have a feeling she knew it was me. She didn’t talk to me much after that.

  3. Indigo Cheef

    My only suggestion for the next piece would be to smooth out the inside as well when using the coil technique as you ascend. Then again, in most cases it does just smooth itself out when when you're using a perfectly solid cylinder mold. Eye only recommend it so that resin doesn't accumulate quicker and become harder and harder to clean. It's a freakin hassle to get cleaned at that point unfortunately.
    Keep the videos coming, you've earned another Subscriber today with bell notification's on. B-)

  4. Charlotte Astre

    Great tutorial and great work! for the piece that has the 4 holes in it, how important is it to have the one side closed up? I made one without watching the tutorial (stupidly) and I forgot to close up the one side. Would it still be functional? Thanks!

  5. Christian islas

    Yo I ask my ceramics teacher that if I could make a water pipe she said no that clay particular will fuck up your lungs then I told her today before even seeing this video that what if I put like gloss and she looked at me like i knew what I was doing but I didn't but after seen this video I was right and ima ask her tmr thanks for the info

  6. pseudo gamer

    hey man ive been making some ceramic stuff for a year now, i made alot of peace pipe and they work really well but it takes alot of time to make, so i was wondering if you have any tips on making a mold. sorry if a made some mistakes english is not my first language

  7. Sara Landucci

    I have attempted a ceramic bong in the past but with slabs and it didn't turn out quite as nice as your did here, definitely going to try coils now! Thank you so much for the tutorial, its really well made!

  8. Snake River Pipe Works

    Totally bad ass. I've been playing with a little bit of hand building, but have never coil built. Guess I need to break out the extruder. I do one piece built in ceramic stem and bowl sets, but have been wanting to do a "glass on glass" style bowl. This pushes me in the right direction.

    When you remove the plastic pipe from the coil build, do you let it firm up at all first?


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