1. Linda Douglas

    I was concerned at how much you handled the mug leaving lots of marks. Does the u/g look patchy on the solid areas from yr fingers?

  2. 001 002

    Honestly not a big fan of Evenly spaced ceramics. 😀 The variations scream "Hey i'm a one off custom Bowl". 😀 gives it character. Even mistakes

  3. CherJo'Klé {Vivre À Son Meilleur}

    Sorry I just saw you list the clay and underglaze at the top. Are these low fire? If so what cone? Where do you purchase the Clay? Thanks so much for your help:)

  4. CherJo'Klé {Vivre À Son Meilleur}

    Wow I love your videos & pieces!
    Can you please help me understand what you did to create this as far as firing, type of glazes used, and type of clay (the color)?
    I don't understand what an underglaze is and if you fire it or just put it on then start the top glaze then fire….hmmm
    Did you use an earthenware low fire clay, low fire clear glaze and a low fire underglaze in this video?
    If so would you be able to tell me which one/colors and what cone/how long you fire?
    Thanks so much can't wait to learn more from you!

  5. Thim Akin

    Love watching your videos. I'm a beginner and trying to explore beyond the basic. I've made a bowl and paint it with the underglaze, bisque fire and then now the bowl is so shiny. Should I paint it again with shiny gloss glaze and fire at cone 5-6 (or cone 05 ?) , or dip in a glossy transparent glaze and fire at cone 5? Thank you , Karen.

  6. Linda Pratt

    EXCELLENT VIDEOS! Very helpful! I've subscribed to your channel and watching them all! Next stop, your ETSY shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/KaransPotsAndGlass?

  7. Emiliano Flores

    I love the way you teach. I am a high school art student and your videos have helped me discover new ways of doing clay. Thank you!

  8. Ralph Stuckman

    I use Velvet black underglaze. Still experimenting. Any suggestions on sgraffito workshops? Might you suggest any combinations of colors? Your voice sounds just like I remember it.

  9. julia margo Cuthbert

    Would love to know what clear glaze you use… it is very sharp and not at all cloudy.  Can you share this information?   Your videos are excellent.. great communication skills.


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