1. cosmicpapa

    Hi Hambini, your video was truly an eye opener for me. I got inspired and directly ordered 2 x NTN 6806 JR LLB 5k bearings to replace my SRAM Truvativ BB30 bearings. The result is amazing! Please check out my before and after video comparison here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iTEetRGmpg. Many thanks for this great anaylsis!

  2. User 123

    Hi thank you for the video! Could you make a video about bearing maintenance? What grease, when is it too late for a bearing to be serviced etc.

  3. Herb Duke

    Who has grade 3 balls in their bearings other than ceramic speed? More spherical is better, not necessarily worth it though. What do you think H?

  4. Nicholas James

    You say ceramic bearings are for high speeds, what are your thoughts about ceramic bearings used in rollerblades, inline hockey? So far, bones swiss 6, bones red, and hilo swiss are the best I've used so far. I am thinking about purchasing ceramics but the price is quite substantial

  5. Robert Trageser

    I love your videos and their truth. PLEASE explain angular contact bearings, their traditional use in high end cup and cone hubs and also their adjustability for wear and preload. Im a machinist but not an engineer. I understand the advantages but many cyclists believe they’re old, outdated and prone to failure. I know otherwise and own some very well used 40 year old Campy Records, Shimanos, Normandys and even newer 25 year old Chris Kings. All are nice and smooth. All are well maintained. ALL have lots of mileage and hard dirty usage.
    I was given some White Industry single speed hubs, theyre nice and shiny but Im underwhelmed by their smoothness and the bearings didnt last much more than a year before developing play. Thats not acceptable. What bearing do you suggest for the 6902? I tried a 7902Angular Contact made by Enduro but am not impressed at all. My old Campys are smoother. But I dont want to trash them! These wheels are for a fixed gear ‘cross bike beaten all winters in all conditions.
    Thanks again!!

  6. Joaquin Valencia

    Dear friend. Congrats for this video, it is an eye opener. I owned a cannondale super six evo and i want to replace factory bottom bracket bearings BB30. what would you suggest. I need them to be fast, i mean almost zero resistance so every move goes to the momentum all the way in.

  7. Methodical2

    What type of oil do/can you use to lessen friction in contact bearings? Btw, I have no intentions of spending that kind of monies on ceramic speed bearings.

  8. Methodical2

    Interesting. I was just at the LBS and they have two cranks setup (steel and ceramic) and they use it to to do just what you described at 6:15. I don't know if there's any preload on them though. I am sure they got many sales based off that setup.

  9. Kyria The Eletronic Witch

    i changed all bearings of my bikes with SKF E.2 Series of energy efficient bearings with 30% friction loss with 90% of price of ceramic "china" Speed.
    Cake Recipe: buy from PROs that understands bearings, not posers like Ceramic speed.

  10. alberto crespi

    I do not understand what you mean when you say (at min. 14:08) that chinese bearing need 9 watts more, it seems like a huge difference to maintain 35Km/h

  11. clort123

    Ugh I watched so much of this before I realized it was about bicycles. WHO CARES ABOUT WATTS ON A BICYCLE? If it's not for exercise, then why the fuck are you riding a bicycle? Gtfo

  12. Milán Bene

    Hi Hambini,i like your videos! I would like change my cycling wheels beraings. Which NTN type advice you? My wheelsets berings size is 609 and 6001 size. Thanks! Milán

  13. glenny oc

    Any thoughts on abec 5 and angular contact steel bearings for longevity and friction over conventional
    cartridge? Some say the as angular types ďistribute lateral loads better and that reduces wear. Alsi gave you remived the inner seal to test performance.

  14. Christopher Cable-Cheval

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for using actual scientific measurements vs. opinion, as others are want to do.

    I do have an off topic question if I may? I was led to your channel and this video in search of the best or better bearings (ceramic vs. Hybrid vs. Steel) for fishing reels. The baitcaster reels do spin up a bit and they do seem to surpass bicycle axel speeds. Would you still recommend steel or hybrid vs. Ceramics?

  15. Pete Muir

    Hi Hambini, great video. I was a day away from buying a set of Ceramic Speed coated bearings but after watching this I think I’ll go for the NTN LLBs instead. Could you tell me which ones would fit my Trek Speed Concept BB90 Shimano, and where the best place to find them is please. Thanks for the help.


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