Chain, Chain, Chain!

hi i'm donna jordan from jordan fabrics today we're going to be making a pattern called chain chain chain so we're heading down to the retail store so we can get a jelly-roll I want to use neutrals for this quilt something that doesn't have a lot of print and matte cut this roll here these are called whispers muslin mates and they're all in tones of Gray's creams eggshells and this will be really nice for a very neutral quilt the only other thing we need we need a background and we need some accent and I want to keep it really neutral because I want this to just blend in but I think yeah we'll use gray for the accent and that's a nice light gray I don't want it to stick out too much and then let's see I think we'll go with white white will look good with all of these and provide a little bit of contrast so now we can go down to the studio and we can get started the first thing we're going to do is open up our package of strips and we are going to pull out some and then we're going to follow the pattern because we're going to sub cut some of these really light ones and some of these gray ones into two different sizes of pieces I am going to use two different colors in each block but you can just mix all the colors if you like that's a matter of preference now from the sub cutting the pattern is gonna give you the sizes it's not my pattern so I can't give you the exact lengths here but cozy quilt designs patterns are always very easy to follow we've got all of the sub cutting done here on these pieces and we've left some of the strips whole here that we're going to use for sashing now we're ready to move on to the accent fabric when I'm cutting the full width of the fabric here I like to put a weight down on my ruler because that keeps it from moving around and then my pieces get cut much more accurately so some of the accent gets cut into squares and then the rest of these strips we are just going to cut them right along the fold here so we have half strips now we need to cut some background and this also gets cut into strips some of these strips are going to stay whole we'll be using those later with the other haul printed strips and then some of them are going to get cut in half like we did with the accent so we have some background half strips the first thing we're gonna make is these little checkerboard units that are in the middle of each square and also between the squares but we're not going to make them by cutting individual little pieces we're gonna make them by using strip units so take one of your half pieces of grey and a half piece of white and stitch them together using a quarter inch seam all the way along the edge and you want to be careful that you don't stretch anything finger press the scene toward the gray so I'm gonna open it up with my hands here I'm pulling it here and just drawing my finger down the scene and this just temporarily presses it so everything stays the direction we want it to go now we're gonna get another half strip of the grey and stitch it on to this side of the white again press the seam allowance toward the gray now we need to make one more strip unit but it is going to have white on the outside and one gray in the middle same procedure now I want to iron these nice and flat so I like to strain it with my hands and then get a ruler or some sort of straight edge make sure it's lined up there and press it with a dry iron first and then with a little steam these strip units both get sub cut to exactly the same size so you can do them at the same time you can just stack them up stagger it a little bit so we don't have too much bulk in any one spot and then go ahead and make your sub cuts now all we need to do is take two of these units and one of these and stitch them together and since all the seam allowances are going towards the gray they will be in alternating directions so when we stitch this seam everything will lay nice and flat there's my last block and I am going to finger press all of the seams to the outside now we can start building our block we're going to take one of these checkerboard squares and we are going to put the smaller pieces on the top and bottom and the smaller pieces are also going to go on the sides so it doesn't really matter which ones you pick just get a nice variety and then these accent squares will go in the corners then we're gonna do the same thing with the larger pieces so again it's gonna go on the top and it's gonna go on the bottom and I'm just picking different fabrics each time it doesn't matter if they match or they coordinate I'm just trying to get a nice variety and not use the same fabric twice now it doesn't look like they're fitting and that's because we have seam allowances here but once we stitch everything up everything will fit together perfectly so let's take these pieces over to the sewing machine first step is to take the center and put these two pieces here on the top and the bottom so I'm going to put them right sides together and stitch them on and then I'm going to set it right back in the same spot where it came from I'm gonna press these seams away from the center now let's put this right back now we need to get these side pieces on but before we can get them on we have to put these little squares onto each end of the side piece so I'm going to do that now these seam allowances need to go towards the center the reason they go to the center is because we want to alternate the directions so this one now has the seam allowances going to the center and this part here has the seam allowances going to the outside so when I stitch this on those seams again we'll be in going in opposite directions and they will nest these seams will get finger pressed away from the center and then this will go back in the middle and we'll use the same procedure we'll sew the top and the bottom on then we'll add the squares to each side and add those these blocks are all done now we're going to take the strips we had left over these whole strips and some background strips and we're going to make some more strip units that we're going to use as sashing these strip units are going to have a background and a print and then another background so there's the last strip unit the seam allowances are pressed toward the center now I'm going to again cut these all at the same time you don't have to do this you can cut them one at a time I just like to cut in bulk because it's faster for me so now we have all of the pieces we need and we can start laying the quilt out let's start with the big patchwork blocks so there's going to be three of these in the bottom row and I'm going to leave some space between them because we are going to put these sashing units that's these patchwork units here these are going to go between so it's gonna make a triple sashing so we'll put one of those between each patchwork now the next row is more of these sashing units but between these units we are going to put our little checkerboard squares so that's these guys here so now we are starting to see our chains go from the corners and continue and then when we get the next block here that chain is going to go all the way up the quilt so I'm gonna keep laying things out and I will probably trade some of the blocks and some of the sashings around so that the colors are balanced but it's not going to be very difficult with these colors because they're all so neutral and then we'll see what it looks like this was such a fun quilt to lay out the blocks are very simple but now you can really see the chains going throughout the quilt and if we move over here a little bit you can see color changes in my paths of patryk so I've got kind of a creamy eggshell one there a gray or one here more cream over there and that's because when I made each individual block I put the gray or fabrics on one half and the creamer fabrics on the other half you don't have to do that you can just mix them all up but I thought that might give me a little extra bounce in my step when I was putting the Patrick together and it did before I finish all of the Patrick top I'm gonna pick out some borders and I find it even just one block is pretty useful when I'm picking fabrics for borders now I think I'm gonna want one light border first that one will be good I think I will like that better than repeating the background and then I'm gonna want a gray border so this one would look nice and that's gonna be a nice big border and I think those flowers will be very nice for that the borders are on the quilt is all loaded up on the machine here I really only have to thread choices I can either go with an off-white or a grey and I think the off-white will blend in better everywhere so I'm gonna go with that one for the quilting pattern I'm going to use something called Cyprus it just looks like a lot of swirls it almost looks like feathers so here's what it looks like when you repeat it a little more it's a nice overall soft pattern [Applause] the chain chain chain pattern is all finished and I made one small change to the borders so you can see the cornerstones in the outside border there on the pattern they use to light blocks there I continued on with my dark accents so now the chain goes all the way up to the corner and that's just a matter of personal preference you can certainly follow the pattern now the quilt came out 70 by 90 so it says twin but it's really quite big and the pattern gives you three different sizes so you could go all the way up to 110 by 110 for a really big King the quilting pattern with these swirls really looks nice on the chains it just seems to accent the pattern very nicely now when I made my blocks I kept the Gray's on one side of the block and these light creams on the other side so if you stand back you could see a little bit of color change there again if you're just using scrapping mixed colors you won't get those lines but that's just something I thought would make the quilt look a little bit better on the back nice and neutral there's a little bit of a feather in the print there but it makes the quilting show up really nicely so this quilt was fairly quick to make it's pretty big so it took a little bit longer but there was nothing complicated about it and it was quite satisfying too so thanks for watching our tutorial today on how to make the chain chain chain quilt we hope you enjoyed it now we're going to have another giveaway I have this really nice quilt here this is called king's crown all in slate blue dark red navy blue and it's very easy to enter our giveaways all you have to do is go to the link below click the button it says giveaway then you just put in your email address and your name and remember we can ship this worldwide we've had several winners international win or somebody from Finland somebody from Australia so you can be the lucky one this time happy quilting


  1. Alice Kirts

    Hi, I love your tutorials. You make it look like fun and so easy! I made the Trinkets. Love it! Could you please do a tutorial on Butterfly Blooms? I would like to make it as a Christmas present for someone. Thank you Donna and Matt.

  2. Marilyn Cooper

    I Love this quilt.
    I've gotta share your website with my Son and Daughter in law n Hope's they will order me some jelly rolls for my birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day.
    You see I can't afford much fabric.
    Your very talented and I Love all that you do for the Love of quilting.
    Bless you Donna and Matt !

  3. Tracey Honig

    I’be done this pattern. It is very easy. Love your colors, but I might have to try it again in scrappy mode! Happy Quilting! 🧵💕💐

  4. Tara Taylor

    Really liked this video! Would love to make this quilt with bright pretty colors!! I have entered your giveaways in the past… this time I’m not sure if I’m supposed to find the giveaway somewhere else??? Love the quilt in the giveaway SO MUCH!!! Thank you Donna for all of your videos!

  5. Dorota Szkopiak

    I really love this pattern, but unfortunately I haven't got sawing machine with computer and can't do quilting pattern like you do🙁

  6. Katherine LePiane

    I love all of your tutorials. This one is simply stunning. I love the way you laid it out with the creams on one side and grays on the other. The quilting pattern really made the quilt pop. I will have to add it to my collection. Thank you again for sharing!

  7. Wendy Wilkinson

    This message is for Matt. You do not know what it means to me to go to my computer, order a product from your company, get it in the mail and spend the afternoon quilting with a high quality product that has been cut with precision. Bliss. Thank you.

  8. Hildi Borkowski

    Ugh! Those ads!!! To be honest, I don’t watch them. I skip right over them. Why put them? They are extremely distracting and frustrating. On a positive note – I LOVE your tutorials! You have helped me quite a bit!

  9. Linda Bee

    Nice quilt. Jordan Fabrics put out the best videos. I really love the format and the speed at which the tutorial moves along. Is it hubby who does the video?

  10. Sheila Carroll

    I love that quilt! It's so beautiful and because it was done in neutral colors it will go with any type of decor. Thank you so much for sharing! 😊🌹

  11. Helene Shannon

    i love watching and listening to you So much fun I learn and change my techniques over time I recommend your channel to every quilter i know thank you for all you do for the quilting community you are a great inspiration

  12. Michele Salazar

    Love the machine quilting, it really does make the pattern pop. Glad to see you are using fabric other than batiks. I look forward to your videos


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