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Champions of Yield / Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System Leading the Way to Cleaner Fields

There are a lot of issues out there that just keep coming at the American Farmer on a yearly basis that the Asgrow soybeans are keeping up with and staying ahead of. Roundup Ready to Xtend soybeans have been wonderful for our operation. I’ve had a lot of problems with herbicide resistant Water Hemp, Mares Tail, Giant Ragweed, and the results speak for themselves. I like the new Asgrow Roundup Ready to Xtend Soybeans. We’ve planted 100 percent for the last two years on this farm and couldn’t ask for a cleaner bean field. I was introduced to Xtendimax herbicide with VaporGrip technology. They come out with an app that gives you more control or more idea when to spray, how to spray. It’s a pretty cool thing. Asgrow Roundup Ready to Xtend beans, I planted those this year. I had no problem with Xtendimax when I sprayed it on these beans. They worked fabulous.

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